Monday, April 11, 2011

Petra Berendsen: Accordion Folded Fans

This is such a simple but fun technique to create wonderful fans and decorations. It all starts with a sheet of paper and some easy folding - accordion folding
The depth and number of your folds really depends on your project and the size of your paper. I wanted to create a little fan to be used on a card or a tag ... so it couldn't be too big. I started with a 10cm x 10cm Washi paper with a very pretty floral pattern ....

As the paper is quite small my folds are only 1cm deep. Once the paper was folded I sqeezed it together, halved it

and glued it together in the middle.

As you can see it has already the typical fan shape. Squeezed it together at the bottom and secure with some twine - you can use anything suitable to hold the fan together (elastic bands, ribbon, thread, wire, ....) - decoration is optional

And just to show how that this technique is so useful to create wonderful decorations ... maybe you remember such long hot summer days when there was/is (almost) nothing better than a huge bowl of icecream with those wonderful decorations

Come on give it a try, I am sure your kids wouldn't mind either - especially together with this bowl of icecream (lol). Petra.


  1. I've been making lots of rosettes lately using fan folding, but never made a fan! Thanks for the great inspiration!

  2. This is wonderfully easy Petra.
    I have seen a lot of flower rondelle's lately and wondered how to make them. Now I know thanks to your tut. Love the tiny fan, I know I can use that on ATC's and cards.

  3. I remember doing this is summer camp - what a great flashback!

  4. Thanks for sharing Petra, love these embellishments!

  5. Absolutely lovely fan. Wonderfully clear directions! Many thanks.

  6. I love the little fan with the bead dangling off - I make the medallions for mini albums - but I like the quick fan you made!!! I will try it on my next mini! thanks

  7. What fun- looks so easy :-) will be having a play later x

  8. Fabulous tutorial! You make it look so easy!

  9. great tutorial--and just in time for me!


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