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Sponsor Spotlight: Pat Huntoon

Caught in May's Sponsor Spotlight is the delightful Pat Huntoon, the owner and editor of the Technique Junkie Newsletter.

Pat Huntoon has been stamping for over 13 years and has been publishing the Technique Junkie Newsletter since October 2002. She's been published in Rubber Stamp Madness and Creating Keepsakes.

The Technique Junkie Newsletter is a bi-monthly publication featuring Rubber Stamping techniques. The Newsletter has a corresponding step-by-step pictorial website featuring the techniques in the newsletter, bonus ideas, and inspiring artwork from the Technique Junkie Design Team. The Newsletter has published over 800 different techniques in the past 8 years. In the past year, two Specialty CDs, with tutorials in pictorial pdf format, have also been produced, with two more being released in 2011.

This month, we had the pleasure of speaking with Pat about her publication, stamping and her art.

Q: How did you originally get into stamping and papercrafting?

A: I was a Vice President for a Marketing firm, and choose to stop working so that I could raise my kids full-time. I was invited to a Scrapbooking party, then a stamping party, and my love affair with papercrafting began. I used to consider myself the “Anti-Craft” – I was not CRAFTY. I am creative, though – and papercrafting my current expression of my creativity, and gives me tremendous fulfillment.

Q: You are obviously addicted to techniques. What is it about the artistic process behind techniques that really intrigues you?

A: Really, it is just the ability to PLAY. Right from the outset, I was not afraid to waste paper – one of the things that holds people back. I like to get my fingers dirty, and always have colored digits. My entire technique business has been built on the principle of “What If.” As in: What if I brayer that ink over that product? What will happen? I frequently daydream about techniques.

Q: What made you decide to create your own newsletter to share techniques?

A: I had the website (started in 2000) featuring Stampin’ Up! cards, and it had a technique feature from a yahoo group. That section of my website always had the most hits. At the time NO-ONE was publishing techniques in the step-by-step format, and blogs were not really used yet. I saw a need in the market and decided to see what I could do with it. When I first started, I would only take three-issue subscriptions – I was afraid I would run out of techniques. I had no idea!

Q: Tell us about your new CDs, the Fancy Fold CD and the Emboss or Die CD.

A: The Fancy Folds CD features Folded and Motion cards, while the Emboss or Die CD features cards using Embossing folders and Die Cuts. The Fancy Folds and Motion Papercrafts CD features 60 Tutorials, and the Emboss or Die CD contains 79 Tutorials. All of the tutorials are printable to 8-1/2” by 11” paper. Although you might find some of these on the internet, there is nothing like having a library of tutorials in a standardized format, with perfect dimensions and directions, available when you need it.

Two more CDs are being produced this year: Stampbooking: Using Rubber Stamps creatively in your Scrapbooks will be out in June (pre-orders start on National Scrapbook Day!) and 3D and Fancy Folds Papercrafts will be produced in late October.

Q: Do you have a personal favorite among all the techniques that have been in the newsletter over the years?

A: I have been asked this a lot. Usually my favorite technique is one that is in the NEXT issue – I fall in love with the techniques as I produce each issue. Right now I am in love with a technique called “Grungy Altered Titles” from the new Stampbooking CD. It is really creative and uses some of the stuff I have accumulated over the years. I have to say, the Stampbooking CD is the best item I have ever produced. I am proud of it!

Q: What would you consider your essential tools for creating?

An open mind. Beyond that, Paper, a Non-stick craft mat, inks, stamps, paper cutter, scoring tool, glimmer sprays and a Die Cut/Embossing tool and folders will take you pretty dang far!

Q: Finally, what do you like best about being part of the stamping community?

Of course, without question, it is the people I get to email with and meet every day. I have 4000 best friends! Plus I have a wonderful design team – they are creative, smart people who inspire me every day.

Thank you to Pat for taking the time to speak with us! To see more about Pat's excellent art, check out her blog, The Technique Trail.

Want more information on the newsletter or CDs? Check out the Technique Junkies website.


  1. Great to hear that most stampers seem to think alike!

  2. Way to go Pat! Love your newsletter and always say it was the best investment, I ever made!

  3. I've been a TJ subscriber, almost from the beginning, and just learned interesting tidbits about Pat! Thank you for the article.

  4. Great to learn more about you, Pat, and the whole TJN process. I've been a subscriber for over a year and love it - it's such a wonderful way to get the mojo back when it goes missing, LOL!

  5. Pat is a total inspiring creative being. It is just wonderful to be a member of the TJ Group and to be able to share all the techniques that are bing discovered every day. Pat is very special and I want to thank her for all she has done to inspire me more!

    Linda A.

  6. Pat's ability to continually come up with techniques is amazing. If you aren't a subscriber, you're really missing out!

  7. What a great interview!!! Thank you for sharing it with us! Pat is an amazing stamper, but more importantly, an amazing human being!!

  8. fabulous interview! i've been a tj-er for awhile and it is nice to learn more about Pat; she is wonderful. xo


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