Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jules Eickmeier: Sewless Fabric Envelopes

Those of us who create cards, take time and effort into making them as lovely as we can as a gesture of the affection we have for the person to whom we are sending them Sometimes, we even stamp or ink the envelopes to make them pretty as well. Why not go the extra mile and
create an envelope that can also become a sachet or treasure keeper once the card has been read.

While I use to sew quite a bit, my interests have shifted over time, but I have not lost my love of rich and lovely fabrics. I think the makers of iron on fabric products had me in mind when they created these. They enabled me to create this sewless fabric envelope which will carry a thank you card to a dear friend.

You will need the following supplies: 2 complimentary fabrics (half yard each), iron on fabric backing, iron on seam tape, an envelope to use as a template.

Open the envelope and trace around it onto the sheet of iron on fabric backing. Cut out the envelope trace from the backing. This backing gives the fabric stiffness. I had better luck with this than with the spray on fabric stiffener.

Iron the fabric backing onto the reverse of the fabric you have selected for your envelope. Cut out the fabric leaving a 1/4 to 1/2 inch edging beyond the backing. Fold these edges towards the backing, mitering and snipping where necessary and iron down flat adhering them to the backing.

Fold the envelope template so only the top flap and the base show. Place this onto the second fabric. Trace and cut out the fabric. Iron this piece onto the fabric backing side of the envelope to serve as a liner.

Iron on seam tape to the sides of the bottom flap of the envelope. Fold the side flaps in and iron the bottom to the sides created the envelope.

I ran a premade fabric tag through my Xyron machine to use as a sealer for the envelope. You could also use the self-adhesive velcro pieces as well.

The address label could be computer generated and run through a Xyron adhesive machine or can be made with fabric as I have done here and then addressed in ink.

I will probably place this inside a cellophane envelop to avoid staining during posting. The stamp must go on the outside and this will obviously cost a bit more to send. I hope my friend enjoys the card and the reusable envelope!

Jules Eickmeier


  1. Great idea and so beautiful to have an envelope made from fabric and no sewing LOL!!!

  2. A fabulous and a 'must have a go at' idea. Thanks for the inspiration Jules.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  3. A very beautiful alternative to a paper envelope. A treasure for the recipient.

  4. What a wonderful project, Jules. It would make such a thoughtful gift. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is beautiful, wonderful idea!

  6. This is so beautiful, and such a wonderful gift for someone to receive. Thank you so much for a brilliant tutorial and for putting so much work into this,

    Lucy x


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