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Kim Dellow: Making Art From Sweetie Wrappers

Hi Guys, I'm very excited to be here sharing one of my recent makes with you in the form of a step by step tutorial. Now this is a little on the long side but I hope you find the information useful in your own art process.

One of my biggest problems is that I just can't throw anything away, nope not a thing - bet you are like that too? I keep things for that 'just in case' moment and I had one of those 'just in case' moments recently that ended up like this:

Would you believe that this is all made from sweetie wrappers? Would you like to make one too? I know you have those shiny wrappers hidden somewhere...if you don't then what better reason to go get some and discard the contents in some way...?

I knew this lot would come in handy!

What you will need:
Stamps - The Stamp Man Aspect Of Design 1 Floral; {Ippity} Totally Happy
Colouring - ZIG Writer pens; ZIG Calligraphy Pens
Papers - Sweet Wrappers; Card
Usual Suspects - Golden Soft Gel (Matte); Golden Heavy Gel (Matte); Gesso
Equipment - Sewing Machine; Heat tool; Cocktail stick; Scissors
Other - Sandpaper; Thread; Spray bottle of water; Big fabric brad;  ZIG water colour system BrusH2O 

Prepare The Sweetie Wrappers
Trim the wrappers, I just wanted the colour parts with the metal backing as this part of the wrapper is manageable and retains it shape when manipulated. Then lightly sand both sides of the wrapper.

Stick Wrappers To The Card Background
Use a piece of card as backing (look more package recycling!) start sticking the wrappers in a random order, I used Golden Soft Gel  and 'squidged' some of the wrappers a bit to get a good texture going. Allow it to dry.

It's Gesso Time!
It is out with the Gesso, a coat or two should do the trick. I wanted to be able to see the wrappers but I also wanted to add my own colour on top.

You can see the effect of the 'squidging' leading to a nice wrinkling of the background. Another nice effect is that some of the shine still pops through the Gesso layer where the sanding did not take.

Whilst you are at it Gesso a couple of spare sanded wrappers at set aside for the poppy.

Build Up The Colour
Cut out the tag and start building up the colour with the ZIG Writer and Calligraphy pens. I wanted to add more texture with the colour and one of the best way to do this is use the 'Scribble' technique.

Scribble the ZIG pen onto the craft mat and spray with water to form droplets of colour. Press the surface to be coloured into the droplets to pick up the colour.

I built up slowly, going from light to dark tones. You can use your heat tool between layers to dry the water but use it carefully as the wrappers are partly plastic and will deform in prolonged heat.

Add More Texture With Stamping
Stamp some more texture with the mesh stamp from the Aspects Of Design Floral stamp set. Cut out four poppy petals from your spare Gessoed wrappers and colour with the 'Scribble' technique.

Stick the Petals Together
Use the Golden Heavy Gel, applied with the cocktail stick, to stick the petals into a loose poppy shape and I coloured a fabric brad black with a ZIG Writer pen for the flower centre.

Whilst the poppy is drying it is time to add the finishing touches to the background.

Add More Texture With Stitch
By adding stem and leaf details. I used my sewing machine but you can easily doodle it or hand stitch it if you prefer.

I then coloured the leaf and stem with ZIG Writer and Calligraphy pens using the ZIG water colour system BrusH2O and finished with the 'For You' sentiment stamp from the {Ippity} Totally Happy stamp kit.

Finish The Poppy
Finish the poppy by adding the brad and then shaping it with your hand before sticking the background with the Golden Heavy Gel. 


Your other half/child/flatmate/pet will be so pleased you have finally found a use for those discarded wrappers stuffed in that box/draw/sock/down the side of the couch.

Gotta love us hoarders!

Happy crafting!


  1. This is just fabulous in colour and design! Now I can make use of my sweetie attacks. Loving the tutorial - I always want to know the deets. Great photos too. Great post all round...

  2. thank you for the tutorial, it's very beautiful !!

  3. Hi Kim, This is fabulous, what a brilliant make, clever you :0) xxx

  4. Fabulous use of those candy wrappers! I would never have guessed that's what they were made from!!

  5. Great tutorial, Kim, I appreciate the clear photos and direction. I would have never thought to use candy wrappers in such a way. Thanks for sharing!

  6. this is a great tutorial with great instruction! Thank you for sharing! :-)

  7. Wow!!!! So cool!!!! Thank you for sharing that!!

  8. An awesome tutorial and what a fantastic excuse to have some sweeties!

  9. Grand project, clever idea! Thanks for the tutorial. :)

  10. Very cool!!! Love your tag!!!


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