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Sponsor Spotlight: Altered Pages

Today, we have the honor of spending some time with Jean Moore of Altered Pages.

Jean's been a stamper since the early 90s when she was first introduced to rubber stamping. When a friend began to tell her about "rubber stamping", Jean told us that she asked "Those things that say 'Your payment is due'?" After she understood that her pal was talking about something entirely different, she became, in her words, "a true believer". Jean became so enchanted with her new hobby that she ending up teaching stamping at Michaels and as an after-school activity.

Jean purchased Altered Pages from its original owner, Jackie G., in November 2010.

Altered Pages offers supplies, instructions and tools for altered artists including rubber stampers, card makers and assemblage artists. Previously, Altered Pages had focused on collage images, Vintage and Victorian images available in both digital and hardcopy, but Jean wanted to add even more great elements to the Altered Pages store. As Jean told us, "I adore Retro and mid-century, therefore I am working to include more of that [type of product]". With her recent remodel of the Altered Pages website, she has expanded her product lines.

As Jean told us, "I attempt to keep away from all the mass marketing items that can be found anywhere. We have a “One of a Kind” product category, which is just as stated…..maybe one or two of something and then POOF, it’s gone. We have true vintage items, not reproductions. Our ‘made in china’ products are things like Chinese Joss Paper. We do attempt to use American made items as much as possible to do our part for the economy."

We hope you enjoy our interview with Jean! We had a lot of fun speaking with her!

Q: How did you originally get into papercrafting and/or mixed media?

A: My love of color and texture always had my hands into something. Natural materials are of great interest to me. My love of getting my hands dirty helps! I like the juxtaposition of unlikely objects, fabric and stone, paper and glass.

Q: You have some great collage pages. What about collage art intrigues you?

A: Collage art is beautiful and always mysterious to me. 5 people can use the same collage sheet with 5 very different outcomes. Collage gives such freedom to think and change, always amending and modifying the mood. One of the best gifts I ever got is a mannequin that had been collaged. My whole life was represented…it was amazing. From glitzy shoes to ethnic jewelry and a shamrock!

Q: What do you feel are the essential tools for creating a mixed media piece?
A: Color is important, a jumping off point, perhaps. Actual tools are great glues and adhesives, sponge brushes, found objects, meaningful pieces of ephemera and items we see and handle everyday but look at with new eyes. Magazine articles or the protective wrapper from a bottle of wine become great additions.

Q: Do you have any special tips for choosing embellishments for a mixed media art piece?

A: I will be redundant but color and style consistency is so vital. This thought process may come from my Design background. People talk about Feng Shui, well that theory affects everything including mixed media art. Pleasing to the eye without really knowing specifically why is very important in art of any kind. If you were to create a piece with a glamorous or glitzy image and then use an old oak frame, it just would not work. Sweet country stamps are great with jute and buttons, but beautiful Vintage pieces call for old rhinestone jewelry or intricate carved metal or wood embellishments. Think about the context of the art you are creating and the period in which it may have been used or seen. No intent to speak against “Anything Goes in Art” because it does.

Artwork by Jean Moore

Q: You've just had a remodel of your website. Can you tell us a bit about what has changed?

A: Other than a complete new look, we have greatly expanded our product lines. We have added some wonderful stamp lines, papers, ephemera, tools and ‘Ready to Go’ Packages©. These themed packages contain papers, tags, ephemera and most include rubber stamps. All you add is scissors, glue and ink.

Q: You offer some great kits on Altered Pages. How can an artist use these to bolster creativity?

A: Our truly diverse Design Team creates amazing Kits with wonderful instructions for repeated use. The kits can be a springboard for novice and advanced artists. The instructions and photos contained help to teach techniques which are useful for future projects. Just like cooking without recipes, that is how the Kits can be used for the more advanced artists. The basic idea is there, now add your touch or tweak!

Q: Finally, what do you like best about being part of the stamping community?

A: "I continue to be amazed at the kindness, camaraderie and support of the community. Artists are the BEST!"

To find out more about Altered Pages and Jean, stop by the Altered Pages website or on Facebook.

Later this month, Gayle Page-Robak will visit us with a great Altered Pages project! Stay tuned!

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