Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Dezinaworld's June Macfarlane

This month, we are delighted to have June Macfarlane of Dezinaworld with us. A wonderful collage artist, she developed a whole business around her love of fabulous images!

Founded in 2009, Dezinaworld creates and sells beautiful images for crafting of all kinds.

As June told me, "They are are always clear and quality images to ensure any printing of them is beautiful". Dezinaworld is a great source for collage sheets for mixed media, decoupage, altered art, digital art, scrapbooking, and jewelry to name just a few applications.

Now, let's get to know a little more about June. She took the time to chat with me this week.

Q: June, you obviously love collage images especially vintage images. How did you get hooked on collage art?

A: I began creating my own ATCs and collage pieces a good few years ago. I love to create with vintage photo's but found that they didn't have the quality or the look I wanted so I began to create my own using paint programs.

I could colour, change, modernise, cut etc and create just the right look to print and use in my own work. I then decided to make them available to other artists and began to sell them and also to give many away free. The reason I give so many free is because I remember being very short of images and money when i started crafting and free resources are like gold dust. So I now give back to the community that inspired me.

Q: What are your go-to tools for creating papercraft and mixed media pieces?

A: Scissors, glue, and a box full of Dezinaworld images plus paint and pens.

Q: What is your favorite papercrafting formats?

A: ATCs, Gothic arches and tags.

Q: What do you do when you need to bolster your creativity? Any tips for our readers?

A: I think everyone gets a 'dry phase' I think the key is to not push yourself too hard to create. I tend to just draw from blogging in the creative world, from sitting playing with nothing in mind just a little paper,paint and images and just build something from nothing. Often you get inspired just from playing.

Q: You’ve got some great themed kits for digital collage images. Can you tell us a bit about them?

A: Yes, the themed kits I have generally are sets of png images. Png images can be resized and printed separately so it's easy to just use what you need only, rather than printing a whole collage sheet. Also png's are great for digital designers as they come with clear backgrounds so they can be added to other images. The Themed kits are also great to just keep ready for those pieces that require that particular theme and then you have everything ready at your disposal.

Q: Finally, what do you like best about being part of the papercrafting community?

A: I absolutely adore the sense of 'belonging and kinship' I really love blogging and making friends, i love the ideas and the inspiration and sharing in our papercraft community. It brightens even the dullest day.

We would like to thank June for joining us this month! To see more of June's fabulous art, visit her art blog, June's Arty Retreat, or check out the Dezinaworld blog for art from June and her amazing design team.

All art in this post was created by June Macfarlane.


  1. I'm happy to learn more about June. I enjoy working with her images.

  2. June is awesome and a beautiful artist. I love Dezinaworld goodies! xo

  3. Nice to see June again--I knew her way back when and always loved the things that she made.


  4. June is a lovely person, friendly, kind hearted and talented. Valerie

  5. Aww thanks so much ladies, you are all the best! thanks to the Gingersnaps team for making me feel so welcome too.
    hugs June

  6. and look at that face!!!! june's as gorgeous as her art!!!!

    i just love her to pieces!

    hugs :)

  7. Its brilliant to learn more about June, such a wonderful and kind person. Annette x

  8. June is such a lovely, sweet, talented lady. I am honored to be part of her design team. Kim xx

  9. It's nice to finally meet you June! I follow several of your blogs and I am sure I will be needing some images soon. Beautiful work.

  10. June makes my heart sing, with both her art and her love. What a delight it is to see her spotlighted here!

  11. Beautiful artwork, June! Your collage sheets are an absolute pleasure to work with!

  12. I left a comment yesterday but it doesn't seem to be here. Just wanted to say, a lovely lady and a lovely company and it is great to see you featured on Gingersnaps, June,

    Lucy x


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