Monday, August 15, 2011

Gerri Herbst: Printing with Foam Sheets, Watercolors and Crayons

Let's have fun today and return to our childhood and play with crayons. The tutorial today is a simple technique that has lots of possibilities: Printing with Foam sheets with watercolors and crayons. I will show a tag, but you could do complete pages or sheets of paper too. So let's begin:

You will need a foam sheet, tracing paper, a picture or photo, a tag, crayons and watercolor paints.

First trace your picture. This can be a photo or a picture from a magazine. I used a photo of a rose. Don't worry about all the details in the picture, just try to get the general feeling.

Place the tracing paper on the foam sheet and cut to the size of the tag, then press and over trace your image pressing firmly into the foam sheet.

Don't worry if the tracing paper gets ripped while tracing. It doesn't matter, just make sure your foam sheet has a nice impression. This is a print so, nothing needs to be perfect.

Using watercolor paints, paint a background color. This will be the under pining of the tag. You can also use ink stamp pads for a different look.

Place the wet foam pad on the tag and print on the tag. See where you drew the lines, it remains the color of the tag.

Here are a few examples of printing with the foam sheet, depending on how much paint, you get lots of different looks. You can also use the foam sheet and print twice.

Next step is to take your crayons and put in some details. Don't worry about staying in the lines. LOL. I've shown three different amounts of crayon work from a few strokes to completely outlining the image.

Take your watercolor paints and using your picture as a reference and paint in some the image. Be free and easy, this is fun. This will be very impressionistic representation of your picture.

Here is a finished tag with some Stickles (Glitter Glue) added if you want some sparkle and an organza ribbon to tie it on a package or project. Hope you had fun playing with your crayons today!


  1. Wonderful tutorial, I really love how your tags came out!

  2. Brilliant tutorial! I'm just going to have to try this :o) Sam x

  3. How cool is that?! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  4. Lovely effect! Thank you for this tutorial!

  5. This is wonderful, thank you for sharing this technique.


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