Saturday, August 6, 2011

Muse Showcase: Samantha Read

We are pleased to have Samantha Read back with us as our August Muse. Samantha is a long-time Gingersnapper with several Ginger Gems to her credit and a former Visiting Artist. She was published in Craft Stamper magazine, June 2010 issue.

Samantha has shared some of her art as well as told us a bit about herself. Now we'll leave her to make her own introductions....

"My absolute paper craft passion is rubber stamping which started in earnest four years ago whilst looking for a “ this book belongs to . . . . . “ stamp for my books.

I’ve always been fascinated by stamps, as a child I would be captivated by the lady at the post office stamping letters.

Being creative helps to keep me sane and helps me to breathe, it allows me to bring to life the images and ideas which flood into my mind demanding attention and expression.

My spare bedroom is now my studio filled with literally hundreds of stamps. I share my studio with my dogs Ozzy and Poppy, two puppies in two years, it’s been hard work and has taken me away from my art more than I would have liked.

I find inspiration for projects whilst out walking them in the beautiful English countryside on my doorstep. I also get a lot of inspiration from childhood memories, particularly time spent with my dad, and songs often get my creative juices flowing.

My favourite stamp is often my newest stamp but my most inked up stamp has to be Moongirl from Stampotique.

My favourite technique is usually the latest thing I’m trying out, at the moment its beeswax and carving my own stamps.

I can’t say I have a particular style because I’m still finding out what it is!!!! As you can see from my showcase all the pieces are quite different."

Samantha will be sharing some of her great work with us over the course of August. To see more of her fabulous artwork right now, please visit her blog - My Crafty Dog and I.

All artwork in this post is by Samantha Read.


  1. Your artwork is absolutely stunning, Samantha!

  2. I love this fresh, free and precious art!!!

  3. Oh thank you ladies, you've made my day :o)Sam

  4. You have a wonderful style Sam! I love your whimsical art! xx

  5. What an a-may-zing grouping you've shared! Gorgeous work, all of it! Love the maple seed wings--nice touch! And everything looks so lively, fresh, original and new.

  6. Beautiful work. I can't wait to see more.


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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