Monday, August 8, 2011

Samantha Read: Lost my marbles!

I don't do complicated, because I can't! So here's a really easy yet effective quickie embellishment for your crafty projects.

The theme for the month is 'Joys of Childhood' and I remember, as a child, being fascinated by crystals and glass - I still am! I couldn't find my marbles anywhere but found some glass nuggets in my stash. I'm sure I got them for a water themed project I was going to make but never got round to, they would be great for watery projects because they look bubbly and would look great on summer holiday scrapbook pages.

My daughter turned 20 a couple of days ago so I turned my attention to my fur baby, Poppy who is now 7 months old, along with the usual challenges a puppy brings Poppy has also bought us much joy, she's truly delightful.

To make the embellishment you will need: Glass nuggets, word stamp or words from a magazine, ink pad, patterned paper, scissors and glue that dries clear.

Firstly, stamp the words you would like to use, I used Archival Ink for this because once it has dried it's waterproof - this is important! When the ink has dried glue the word to the flat side of your glass nugget.

then glue to patterned paper to match your project...

... trim with scissors

hey presto your embellishment is ready!

a child could do this!

Hope you have a go and wishing you a lovely, crafty day.


  1. What a great little idea, you've given me an idea! xx

  2. love your idea, it is a great project

  3. What a fabulous idea! Love the hanging!

  4. Hi Samantha

    Your entrance with the pebbles, is so fun and beautiful, I would like to link back to your tutorial using one of your photos on the Dutch language inspiration blog 'deze is ook leuk'.

    Is it okay to do so?
    kind regards,

  5. this is great fun! thanks for the idea. xo

  6. Love this idea it is simple but effective and looks gorgeous
    hugs June x

  7. What a brilliant idea! Great tute & lovely projects Sam! xx

  8. What a fun project, Sam! I wonder if you can buy larger versions of the glass nugget for the current fridge magnet art exchange? Hmmm - the cogs are turning!

  9. What a great idea!! It is on my "things to do list".

  10. What a wonderful idea, thanks for sharing!


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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