Monday, August 29, 2011

Samantha Read: Potty about clay!

I'm so glad that many of you enjoyed my last tutorial and I hope you like this one too.

As a child I spent many hours playing with Plasticine and window putty, it smells beautiful! Then at school I discovered air dry clay, wow!

These little pots are useful as well as arty and would make excellent gifts with a little something inside.

Please note that clay can and probably will stain your clothes and soft furnishings so be careful! If your clay starts to dry as you are using it simply spritz with water.

Start by making a disc shape with your clay, this will be the bottom of your pot. Make some clay sausages also and coil your sausages...

... till you reach the desired height.

Using a rub on applicator or lolly stick blend the clay to make smooth sides.

At this point I thought I would experiment with my rubber stamps, here I used a star.

When the clay is COMPLETELY dry, I waited 48 hours. I painted the pot with acrylic paint and then made them look distressed by applying burnt umber into the stamped areas and edges and rubbing off to remove excess.

Why stop at one pot? I couldn't!

Wishing you a lovely, crafty day x


  1. Very cute. Would make great customized holders for embellies too!

  2. Whoa! That's air dry clay????? Who knew?
    Can you tell us you brand(s) of choice?
    Great little pots! Might also make smaller plant pot "sleeves" for decorative purposes, such as for holidays, etc.
    Nice post! And Thank You!

  3. Thanks for your lovely encouraging comments. Rose I purchased my air dry clay from the Early Learning Centre, such good value for money, £2.49!!! Great idea about the pot sleeves! Sam

  4. These are totally fab Sam! I love them! Great tute too! ELC, here I come! xx

  5. Absolutely brilliant, I also love to play with clay. Your pots are fab.


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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