Saturday, August 20, 2011

Alexa Noble: Stampboard Frames

Hi Everyone ... I have decided on a simple technique for my August tutorial using acrylic paint, stamps and metallic rub-ons to create mini frames which can be incorporated into scrapbook pages, cards or altered art.

The size of the frame you create is entirely down to the project you are working on;  a smaller size is great for highlighting an element within a project or you can base the entire layout on the stampboard for example, replacing an entire book cover.

Start by cutting the board to the size you want to use.  Then lay the item onto the board that you are going to frame and draw the aperture in pencil. 

Using a craft knife and mat, cut the aperture out.

Next, use acrylic paint to cover the entire board making sure to cover inside the aperture and the outside edge of the frame.

Take a stamp of your choice and stamp into the paint whilst it is still wet.  The wetter the paint, the more the stamped image pushes through to the board so if you only want a very light image, leave the paint to dry a little.  

Allow the paint to dry.  Once it is completely dry, rub metallic rub-on into the stamped image and remove the excess with a baby wipe.

Another idea is to paint the board in a contrasting colour and let it completely dry before painting over it with the final colour.  When you stamp the image, the background colour will show through and is alternative to using rub-ons.

I you can fix some old dictionary sheets or music behind the aperture to complete the frame.

Like I said, a simple technique but one that can be used in so many ways.  Hope you are inspired to get painting and stamping and finding those little treasures to frame!  :) x


  1. Thanks for a great & useful tutorial. I don't have any stampbord but I guess you could achieve the same results with other materials. x

  2. Brilliant tutorial Alexa, I think I shall try with mountboard first to practice, you could even do this with fun foam! Great inspiration. Sam x

  3. Oh! That is cool. Thanks for sharing!

  4. thanks for this cool tutorial.

  5. Thank you! Great tutorial. I will have to try this..Donna

  6. Love your tutorial! I like all of the samples you have posted- quite inspiring!

  7. Thanks for all the wonderful examples and great tutorial.

  8. Thanks for this tutorial. I've made a project inspired by your tute and will link to this and to your blog in my post tomorrow.

  9. Thank you for sharing this tutorial! These are stunning!

  10. What a cracking TUT Some times I forget so many things and it's nice to stop by GSC to refresh and find new ideas here Dxx

  11. WOW! Awesome tute...thanks for sharing! Tweeted and +1 Thx for popping by over at POP ART MINIS today too!

  12. Brilliant tutorial, the results look fantastic.


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