Saturday, August 27, 2011

Helene Huber: Watercolor Crayon Tutorial

This month we focused on the joys of childhood. One of my childhood joys was shopping for school supplies every fall, especially that box of brand new crayons. I'd like to share with you an easy technique for using watercolor crayons to make a tag background.
You will need some manilla tags, a box of watercolor crayons, a spray bottle filled with water, and a surface you don't mind getting wet.
Next you need to peel off the crayon wrappers because you will be using the entire side of the crayon rather than the pretty pointed end. Because our current challenge, GC116, is to incorporate the primary colors of blue, red, and yellow, those are the crayons I chose to use. I crumpled one tag. One tag I folded. Either method produces creased lines.
Using the full side of the crayon, rub the crayon against the creased lines. The color will adhere to the raised portions of the tag. Create your own interesting pattern with your color selections.
Spritz with water bottle to get the watercolor crayon markings to bleed and run. I let my tag air dry.
Here is my finished tag using this watercolor technique for the background. The sentiment is one of the digi images from this month's sponsor, The Stamping Boutique. Dorothy is thinking happy thoughts about starting a new school year with her brand new box of crayons!

For more details on product use, please visit my blog, LOTSA SCRAP. I hope you'll try this technique and show us your creations, including any variations on the technique. Helene Huber aka 2amscrapper


  1. What a great background! thanks for the tut.

  2. The tag is so cute! I luv using water color pencils for water coloring look but have never used watercolor CRAYON!! Thanks for the tutorial. I'd like to try it! :-)

  3. Oh, Helene! This looks simple enough a child could do it, yet sophisticated enough to produce that fine end result you've given.
    As for Dorothy, her furry little companion looks like he'd enjoy playing with her classmates in the schoolyard.

  4. What an awesome tutorial, Nettie! My kind of background using simple techniques with lovely results! Thank you so much for your blog visits and all of your good wishes! Good luck in my giveaway drawing too! ♥ Hugs, Terri xoxo

  5. Love this idea--the result looks much more complicated than the process ;-)


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