Monday, September 12, 2011

Astrid Maclean: ATC holder

For this tutorial I am going to show you how to create an ATC sized mini-book with pockets to hold your favourite ATCs. You could of course also give this to a friend, especially as this month we celebrate Friendship here at Gingersnap Creations.

Though I am going to show you some of the pages I created in mine, the tutorial is about how to make the booklet only, as I am hoping you will use your own imagination and creativity to create your cover and pages.

Here are the front and back covers of my booklet. As this month is also about Spotlighting, I have used this technique to create the front of my booklet.

Here are some of the pages of my booklet. I used both stamping and collage to create these little pages and had great fun doing so.

And now at last for the tutorial:

ATC holder or mini book
This will be a booklet with 6 double pages and 6 pockets to hold ATCs or journaling tags
Materials needed:
2 pieces A4 copy paper

2 pieces of thick card 3” by 4 1/4” (7.8 cm by 101/2 cm) for the covers

14 pieces of scrapbook paper or other decorative papers cut to 3” by 4 1/4” (7.8 cm by
10 1/2 cm) (you could stamp and colour your own papers)
2 pieces of scrapbook paper or other decorative papers cut to 4 ¾ by 4” (12 cm by 10 cm),
this is to decorate the front and back covers.
1 piece of matching paper 2” x 3” (5 cm by 7.8 cm) to cover the spine of the booklet.

Score pal or other scoring tool
Glue of your choice
Stamps and embellishments to decorate your mini book

1. Glue your 2 pieces of A4 paper together along the short side with about ½” (just over a cm) overlap. Trim to 21” (52.5 cm) Your glued together pieces should now measure 21” by 8 ¼” (52.5cm by 21cm)

2. With a Scorepal or similar, score every 3 “ (7.5 cm) along the long side until you have made 6 score lines.

3. Fold paper in half width-wise, make a sharp crease and open up again. (see illustration)

4. Cut towards the fold line as shown.

5. The next bit is hard to explain, you now need to fold it into a booklet:
Fold panel A up to the fold-line and then to theright side behind panel B. Next fold panel B down and behind C. Then C up and behind D. D down and behind E. E up and behind F, F down and behind G. You are now left with flap H. Fold this down on top of G. This will become the cover of your booklet. Turn it in horizontal (landscape) direction and there is your booklet. Each page is still either open at the top or at the bottom, don’t worry, these will be attached later.

6. Now comes the fun of decorating your booklet. First of all, glue your two pieces of thick card to the front and back covers for strength. I used scraps of card from a cereal packet. Next take your two pieces of slightly larger scrapbook paper for the covers. Cut as shown, wrap around and glue down. Do the back cover in the same way.

7. Next cover each of the other pages in your chosen papers. Now you are ready to attach the loose tops and bottoms to create the pockets. You can either use tissue tape of strips of paper of your choice, punched with a decorative edge if you want.

8. Lastly cover the spine by wrapping your final paper around it and gluing it down. Again you can give this a decorative edge if you want. You are now ready to embellish as you please.

Well, I hope you will give this a try and that you have loads of fun doing it. Until the next time.


  1. great idea and tutorial and wonderful art

  2. Very interesting book- great tutorial. I do not think I have seen an ATC booklet like this ever before. Thank You!

  3. This is amazing Astrid - thanks for sharing your tutorial and art with us!

  4. oh, this is so gorgeous and brilliant! I cannot wait to try it out!!!!!
    Simply beautiful!!!!

  5. Thanks so much for a great tutorial I must give this a go.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Sandra ltb

  7. Great tutorial, Astrid, and what a fun thing!



Thanks for your wonderful words!

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