Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Stampo of Viva Las Vegastamps

Today, we get to spend some time with Viva Las Vegastamps owner, Stampo aka Wayne Gartley. Viva Las Vegastamps has the world's largest selection of rubber art stamps, Stampo told me, with over 17,000 unique images.

Established in 1991, VLVS manufactures their our own stamps which are all made by hand in their Las Vegas location. In that same location, they also have a Rubber Stamp Store open to the public.

Viva Las Vegastamps ships worldwide through their website at At you will also find wonderful video tutorials and links to the VLVS blog and other resources.

Stampo himself has been creating mail art for 40 years and stamping for 25! We sat down and chatted a bit with him which was great fun!

Q: How did you first get into creating stamp images?

A: Couldn't find any funny and sarcastic sayings... everything was too "cute" for me so started doing my own and then people wanted to know where I got them so I started selling them.

Artwork by Joe

Eventually [I] quit my job as Station Manager for a TV Station and went into rubber full time.

Artwork by DeeDee

Q: What makes Viva Las Vegastamps images different from other companies?

A: The sheer magnitude of our stamp inventory means we have something for everyone... if someone asks for a stamp we don't have, we'll get it... we have five artists just waiting to create... we've also acquired several other companies over the years.

Artwork by Joe Morgan

Q: What is your inspiration in selecting and creating new images?

A: It has to be something I'd use in a stamp myself... sometimes, I'm the only one who feels that way. LOL

Artwork by Valerie Hayden

VLVS has a regular Blue Plate specials and grab bags. Can you tell us about these fun items?

Artwork by Chris

A: The Blue Plate Special is a super reduced special that change from time to time. We have a wide assortment of Grab Bags... our most popular is our Pound O' Rubber which gives you approximately 75 to 100 stamps depending on the size for just $25! We also offer a Miracle Tape Sampler which is a great started pack with all the sizes in it and our Dollar Deals are very popular as well.

Q: Can you tell us a little about Yes! Pigs Can Fly?

A: This iconic company was one I bought from back in the 80's before I began my own business and when it became available, I just had to buy it!

Artwork by Kim

Q: What is your favorite part of being part of the stamping community?

Artwork by DeeDee

A: I love the people... I can relate to all the stampers whereas I couldn't say the same for other companies I worked for and the people I had to deal with... I used to do conventions in the early 90s and it was great fun meeting so many wonderful people. I'm too old and fat do do that any more but I figure sooner or later, everyone comes to Las Vegas and Viva Las Vegastamps! is the first stop for many people... some people spend days here going through our incredible variety of stamps, our blackjack tables of used $2 stamps and our Rubber Buffet of $1 unmounted stamps.

Artwork by Chris

We would like to thank Stampo for sharing some time with us! Look for Viva Las Vegastamps throughout our challenges this month!

To find out more about this company, visit or the Viva Las Vegastamp blog.


  1. I loooooooooooove Viva Las Vegas! Maybe it's because I'm not into cute and I can relate to the snarky/sarcastic/hysterically funny stuff they have.

  2. Hi ladies I wanted to let you know you were featured on my site, but I couldn't find your email here. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Drop by to see feature at
    Happy Creating!

  3. So glad I stopped by! Love these stamps and such fun projects!

  4. I was amazed when I first went to the VLVS site - such a huge variety of images and sentiments. I had a blast shopping! Great interview - thanks for sharing!

  5. wow, terrific examples of fab stamps.

  6. I went into rubber brain overload looking through all their stamps--they seriously have something for everyone there!



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