Monday, September 19, 2011

Spotlight Punching Tutorial by Joanne Wardle

I made a monogram card using this no-stamping technique earlier in the year. Many people commented that it looked quite tricky. I wanted to show you how easy it really is. To do this technique you will need

- an "anywhere" hole punch with interchangeable heads. 3 sizes. I use a making memories punch that requires the use of a hammer (very loud and very therapeutic)
-a post-it note and pencil
-a card blank
an insert (preferable sparkly coloured paper)


1) draw the outline of your numbers (or letters, or even shape e.g. heart) onto a post it note. Doing it this way means that you don't have any pencil lines to rub away at the end and you can redraw as many times as you like (drawing is NOT my strength. If you really can't draw you could always print letters out from your computer).

2) Position on card (landscape or portrait, it doesn't matter).

3) Take your LARGEST punch and randomly punch within the shape. Make sure that some go right up to the edge. Fill the shapes.

4) With your MIDDLE size punch fill in the gaps between the larger holes, again make sure that some go right up to the edge.

5) Now do the same with the SMALLEST punch (always go from large to small as it's about filling gaps).

6) Remove the post-it note and check it looks okay. add more holes if required.

7) Add an insert to complete the card.

Here's another example of the same technique with some extra embellishment.


  1. I really love this effect it always amazes me that things that look so effective and difficult to do are so easy when someone breaks it down and explains it to you as a Tutorial. This tool was one I aqquired very early in my Scrapbooking learning days, and I never even think to use it anymore as I was taught to use it as an Eyelet setter only and until now it has sat at the back of my Drawer with all the "Old Stuff". I will be getting it back out for sure. Thanks for a great Tutorial,

  2. This is brilliant! Thanks for showing how you did it - I'll be giving this one a go for sure.

  3. Great tutorial . Love the star too!

  4. What a great idea-thank you for the tutorial


  5. Wow what an amazing card !
    Thank you for sharing
    Von x

  6. A fabulous technique Joanne, very effective. xx

  7. I love this effect! I have the punch for this, but I don't think I've even taken it out of the plastic - you have motivated me to do just that!

  8. So cool. I think this would be wonderful to use on a Christmas card. Thx

  9. this is such a great idea. will have to try it out. I need some 'therapeutic' action... :) You could probably stamp an outline stamp on a post-it-note and use that as your template too.

  10. Just saw this on your blog! Great tutorial, Joanne!


  11. This is an amazing idea, Joanne - I can't wait to try it!

  12. Never come acros this before! What a great idea and so clearly explained. Thank you!

    Lucy x


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