Thursday, September 8, 2011

Spotlighting Part of a Stamp by Joanne Wardle

This is the card I made for yesterday's "gal pals" challenge. This quick tutorial shows how to use just a selected part of a stamp, very simply. It's another way of "spotlighting" for this month's theme

I wanted the card to Say BFF and I liked the letters from Stampotique's fabulous stamp.

To use just these letters, I stamped the stamp onto copy paper and created a stamp mask for each letter as shown, by cutting away just the part of the image that I want to appear on my work.

to use, ink the stamp and then carefully attach the mask with tape to the block. making sure all unwanted bits of the stamp are covered.

Make sure you remember to ink the stamp before attaching the mask!

Stamp the stamp (using a positioner if required).
In this case I stamped the letters and girls onto patterned paper, and added "forever" from the word collage stamp.

This is an easy way to extend the use of your stamps, I hope you enjoyed it


  1. What a cool idea , I have tried just inking lasers of stamp but using copy paper is such a good idea! Trace x

  2. Thank you! I am going to find this quite useful! I love your beautiful card. The colors are perfect for the image and sentiment.

  3. Glad to learn this technique! I am usually fussing about with markers and my stampamajig, which I only manage to use effectively about 50% of the time. Heehee. This technique will probably work better for me. I will try it soon. TFS

  4. How the big letters! Great stuff! POP ART MINIS


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