Saturday, October 15, 2011

Deb Corder: Poe Mini Album

I love October! The leaves are changing. The countdown to Halloween is ticking away. And the CANDY CORN IS OUT!! (yes, I'm addicted to candy corn).

In celebration of All Things POE this month, I wanted to share this quick little mini album I created for my Poe.

Here's the finished album. It's 4x4 and about inch thick. AND! It can hold as many pictures as you want to add.

The supply list is pretty basic. 2 coasters (4x4), 18" ribbon, 2 pieces of double sided card stock cut 4x12, 4x4 piece of coordinating paper, 12x12 card stock for the accordion pages, and Red Line tape.

Start by covering both sides of each coaster with tape. Trim off excess tape.

Cut the ribbon in half. Remove the protective tape covers from one side and stick the ribbon in the middle of the coaster.

Lay each piece face down, ribbon out on one of the 4x12 papers. Place a piece of Red Line tape in the spine. Trim the extra paper off the corners. Remove all the protective tape covers.

Then slowly (because once it's's down!) lay the other 4x12 paper on the inside. Trim the excess paper.

Cut a coordinating 4x4 paper for the outside of the spine. Lay it in the middle of the outside of the album. Gently pull both sides together and tie them. This will make the spine curve.

Cut your 12x12 piece of card stock 3 3/4" x 12". You'll get 3 pages. You can cut as many papers as you need. You may want to glue half to each album cover.

Score each strip every 3 3/4". I flipped my pages over after each score to help me pleat the papers. You will end up with a small tab at the end. Run tape down the tab, press to the next strip. On the last strip, cut the tab off. Pleat the papers.

Apply tape to one side of the stack.

Press into the album.

I liked the pleated paper to pull in the opposite direction.

Fill with photos of your favorite spook! I used some spooky pictures from my Hipstamatic iPhone app!

So where is Poe, you ask? Well, if you've read my Gingersnap know I adopted a rescue cat last Halloween. I named her Edgar ELLEN Poe...or Poe for short. (I love that her initials are E.E.P.!!)



  1. Wonderful tutorial, Deb! Love that the covers are coasters (I have a ton), and your little Poe is such a sweetie!!!

  2. A terrific project, it looks awesome!


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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