Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Muse Showcase: Mary Green

While we celebrate the great works of Edgar Allen Poe, we are delighted to welcome Mary Green who also creates great works in books - gluebooks - as our October Muse!

Mary creates amazing pieces of art with glue, collage images and ephemera. Books are her main canvas although she does venture into other mediums.

After almost 15 years in the adult education business, and with a love of online learning, Mary teaches vintage gluebook and collage courses through her blog, collaborates on courses with other artists, and moderates an email collage club.

From her extensive ephemera collection of French Holy cards, antique card games and 19th century graphics, Mary copies pieces to use over and over. She shares free images through her blog and downloadable collections through her e-store. Mary’s art, ephemera and vintage paper kits are available at selected shows and through her online stores.

We'll let Mary take over from here and introduce herself and her art.

"I consider myself ‘stamping-challenged’. I have always struggled to produce those beautiful results I see in magazines and blogs. Consequently, I normally use stamps as backgrounds and accents, and I’m much happier with the results! I love embossing and own dozens of powders – the more sparkle, the better.

I got into paper crafts about 6 years ago, first with card making and ATCs, then with altered books, book cover collages and my favorite art form - vintage gluebooks.

I came across the word gluebooks a couple years ago and became intrigued – art made with just paper and glue? Gluebooks have often been made with modern materials, like magazine images, junk mail, receipts…the stuff of everyday life. Different artists may add other things; some may paint their backgrounds, use chalks, inks, stamps, or whatever they find.

When I decided to try my own gluebook, I challenged myself to stick with just paper and glue. I also wanted to use vintage materials, since that’s what I collect and the style I like.

My first attempts were pretty bad. Initially, I found it almost impossible to consider a collage finished without at least a little stamping or embellishments.

But I started to get the hang of it, and I found I really enjoyed having such a short list of materials – paper, scissors and glue. It was freeing, relaxing and really satisfying. Not to mention, super-portable!

This month I plan to introduce you to the fun of gluebooks, as well as some great background techniques using vintage papers and stamps. I can’t wait!"

We'd like to thank Mary for spending time with us and sharing her love of gluebooks. To see more of Mary's incredible art, visit her blog, Green Paper. She'll be sharing some more of her art with us throughout October.

All artwork created by Mary Green.


  1. Mary's glue books are just fabulous. I always get excited when she shows new pages on her blog.

  2. Oh yay! I have been following Mary's blog and I was so in love I posted all of her blog buttons on my blog. I have not been able to play along in the monthly challenges due to printing issues but in just a few short days that should be remedied! I am excited to see what she has to say and I am also looking forward to next month when the online collage class starts!

  3. Breathtaking. Oh I cannot wait for more of her art.
    I discovered her through Penny but due to other projects was never able to participate.
    So excited she is working with Gingersnap Creations.

  4. Ooh, how lovely featuring Mary. I love her work and trying to start my own glue book!

  5. Oh wow these are wonderful pages. x

  6. Wonderful work- love the idea of Vintage art and glue books!

  7. Wonderful pages! I look forward to seeing more of Mary's work throughout October. I hope to learn to use my big stash of vintage and "repro" vintage papers and ephemera. :)

  8. Welcome, Mary! I'm a huge fan - adore your gorgeous gluebooks, you are such an inspiration. :)

  9. Mary is the perfect muse for gluebooks - I have learned so much from her and am excited to see what she will share with us this month!

  10. Mary this is just beautiful! Wow!

  11. I am lucky enough to get to see Mary create in person when she comes for craft day. She does beautiful work!


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