Monday, November 21, 2011

Petra Berendsen - Playing with Seeds

It is November but there are still fruits and seeds to collect from the fields and gardens. Some of the seeds are so pretty with their shapes and colours.

It is almost a shame just to leave them for next year's sowing or even for a meal ... they really invite for playing (lol). First I created a seed combo which looked like the perfect mix for a harvest project.

This mix was the base for a small tag using a pre-cut white tag stamped with Hero Arts Cloud stamp, layered with a little coloured scarecrow image from a colouring page and the seeds which I glued to some white card.

Next, I laid shapes with some pumpkin, they are brilliant with their colour and their very distinct shape ... inviting you to create pumpkin flowers.

These were perfect for ornaments combining them with paper, glitter, paint, ink .... whatever you can think of. With the left-hand pattern I made a napkin ring using left-over rolls from raffia, burlap, ribbon, paper and lots of glitter (which hadn't been dry when taking the photo)

And did you know that you can also stamp on seeds ..... Have a play and show us what you make with your seeds, Petra.


  1. Great inspiration, love the flowers and the stamping. xx

  2. Cool! Love the stamping on the seeds! And using them for leaves!

  3. Thankyou for the inspitation, the flowers look beautiful, will try stamping on seeds some time.

  4. Love those napkin rings -- very clever!

  5. You can stamp on seeds? Amazing!


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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