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Sponsor Spotlight: Sharon Briss of Rogue Redhead Designs

Our regular readers will know Shar as one of the Founding Femmes of Gingersnap Creations, but she is also the owner and, as she describes herself, Chief Rogue of Rogue Redhead Designs.

Shar has been published in Take Ten, Stamper's Sampler and CraftStamper. She has served on a variety of design teams including being a 2009 Guest Designer for Artistic Outpost, creating samples for Copic Challenges on Artful Sentiments and most recently serving as a Design Team member for PaperTemptress. She has also been a Guest Designer for the Technique Junkies Newsletter. Since 2009, she has been on the Creative Team for Gingersnap Creations developing content and challenge themes.

In 2010, Shar opened Rogue Redhead Designs which offers vintage-style and eclectic unmounted stamp plates. This month marks Rogue Redhead's first anniversary.

We'll let Shar take it from here as she shares with us how her passion for stamping began.

I've always been into crafts. From the time I could sit up, my mom always had me making something - homemade paper dolls, felt animals, macrame octopi (yes, really), and cross-stitch pictures. I found out lots about myself during those years when my mother patiently imparted all the crafts she loved. I haven't the patience to be a fantastic quilter like my mom and my sister. I am too intense to be a good knitter - my scarves always turn out only 3 inches wide. I am too instruction-challenged to sew.

I am not completely hopeless in the realm of needlearts. While I LOVE cross-stitching, I haven't been able to do it since my amazing husband gave me my best birthday present ever - my gorgeous cat! She's awesome but she does love to steal embroidery floss even when it is still in my hand. Isn't she pretty?

I started stamping in 2005 after visiting a CKC Scrapbooking Convention with my sister. I have to admit, I really had no clue about stamping before taking an introductory course at that convention. It didn't take long for me to seek out a way to get more information from friends and in-home parties. Once I figured out how many different things you could do with images, paper and ink, I was totally hooked!

I was also quick to discover that I suffer from Multiple Style Disorder. I love to try new things so much that I never settled down to a specific style or technique although I generally veer toward vintage looks. I like simple looks so often my designs are all about the image, colors and paper.

I also found out that I was plagued with S.A.D. (Stamp Acquisition Disorder) and I quickly ended up with hundreds of stamps in many different formats - acrylic, wood-mounted, and unmounted - from lots of different manufacturers.

I really liked the feel and performance of true rubber stamps, but after 26 pizza boxes worth I realized they took up a lot of space. I moved to unmounted stamps to save space and because I could buy more images for less money and mount them exactly as I wanted.

My addiction became passion and I knew I would someday make my own stamps. Every so often people ask me about the name I chose for the company. The "redhead: part is obvious once you meet me. The "rogue" portion of the name comes from me not being great with rules. Even when I learn a new technique I tend to warp it ever so slightly in my execution. That works great for art (sometimes) but you probably don't want to test any of my baking :)

In the last two years, I decided to try mixed media art which is so much fun! I find that I either love what ends up on the canvas or hate it. I have no real process beyond picking a single image and building a narrative from there . One of my favorite pieces is "Jones Single", an oval painted canvas. This piece is very simple and started with the vintage photo of a young man. I thought this gentleman looked very comfortable on his own and built the rest of the collage on the concepts of "single" and "one".

Painted Canvas with Collage and Ephemera
Jones Single

Stamping is more than putting ink to paper for me. I have met so many great people in the papercrafting community . It's one thing to have a fabulous way to express yourself but stamping is always more than that because it brings me in contact with so many wonderful artists who are friendly, supportive, and fantastic inspiration. Despite not having a local stamping group, I never feel alone in my endeavors and, in that, I feel truly blessed.

To see more of Shar's art, you can check out her blog - Ill Tempered Ink. To see more of her stamps, go to the Rogue Redhead Designs' website.

All the art in this post was created by Sharon Briss.


  1. How lovely to learn a little more about you, Shar. Sounds like the same story many of us share, lol. Lovely work and I love your blog - so inspiring x

  2. Oh Shar I have the same disorders as you and know completely where you are coming from. You have truly wonderful styles and each piece is a work of art. As Cath says it is great to find out more about you and your cat is fabulous.
    Have a great weekend.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  3. Oh my has it already been a year! Like many who will read this I emphasize with so much of what you say. The Chaos in my name led me to give up knitting she liked to play with the wool far to much! Thank you for sharing with us all like this XOXO Zoe

  4. I agree with everyone here - nice to learn a bit about you, you have truly wonderful styles and are an inspiration to us all. Your cat has gorgeous eyes! Congrats on your one year anniverary for Rogue Redhead Designs too!

  5. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us. I had to laugh at your "multiple style disorder". Perfect name for it. I suffer from that too. Congratulations on your anniversary and thank you for being on the Gingersnap team. It is a favorite place for me.......Donna

  6. Fabulous interview, Shar, and gorgeous artwork. I definitely have "multiple style disorder" too!!

  7. Thanks for sharing... Great interview... wonderful cards! Disorder... I thought it was normal to have more than one style!!!!

  8. Its great to see your fab creative spirit in one place Shar. Smashing interview. x

  9. Congrats on your anniversary- fun to know more about you and to see a snapshot of your past work!

  10. Wonderful getting to know more about you. I had to laugh out loud that you had to stop one hobby because of your cat! Also I appreciate your naming that malady I have but couldn't quite nab: Stamp Acquisition Disorder. LOL!

  11. Very inspiring interview. I love to see so many of your fabulous creations in one place. And your stamps are just fantastic.

  12. Sharonès work is always so wonderful-glad to see her showcased here!


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