Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wondered Where the Gingers Were?

Your dedicated team of Founding Femmes have been without power for the last few days following the snow storm that ravished New England and left so many without power, heat and water.

Our redheaded writing team will be back on track shortly. In the meantime, we have an excellent post from our October Muse which did not get posted due to the nasty storm. We know you will love it!

Stand by for more posts during today and tomorrow!

Keep those affected by the storm in your thoughts. We are lucky enough to be back with some power but we know there are still many out there that are still cold and without electricity.


  1. Saw the storm on the TV - looked awful. Keep warm and safe! xx

  2. Just be safe! Hopefully you MIA Gingers have fireplaces with wood to burn!

  3. Saw the storm on TV, too. Hope all of you are at warm places and safe.

  4. Keep you all in my prayers, hope the power is restored quickly.

  5. Prayers for saftey and warmth

  6. gosh sounds terrible, hopefully thats the worst done and dusted now, stay warm ;) Debi x

  7. Heard about the storm, hope you all stay safe and warm.


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