Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Muse Showcase: Leonie Pujol

This month, we would like to welcome Leonie Pujol as our December Muse! She is a papercrafting and mixed media art who is also a craft presenter for World/Create and Craft who has been published in a number of craft magazines. Leonie is also the author of a book on Artist Trading Cards.

Leonie will be joining us throughout December and sharing her artistic passion and process with us during our celebration of Holiday Lights. If you would like more information on the lovely projects which accompany this interview, just click on the link under the photographs to be taken to Leonie's specific blog posts. She has some fabulous detail photos of many of her projects.

We know you are anxious to meet Leonie, so we'll turn it over to her and let her tell you about herself!

"Hi, my name's Leonie and I am a serious craft addict. I started making things as a child with my parents, so we tried lots of different things, but my first crafty love was actually clay. We made things with the air dry clay, and this progressed into using Fimo. I used to make bears, animals, and my favourite Wallace and Gromit (with all their friends and foes!).

I started doing craft fairs to earn a little bit of extra cash, and finally gave up my 'proper' job in a Stockbrokers, to go into the craft world full time. At this stage my stamping was very basic, but the seed had been sown.

I met Dawn Bibby through selling my work at Oswaldtwistle Mills, and was offered a job working in her shop, Topaz Crafts. This was like a whole world of wonder. Dawn was great, and let us take things to play with and learn, which obviously meant we could sell the products better as we had knowledge of what they did.

I became the buyer for the shop - dream job!! That was fantastic. All that craft stuff. Heaven. I began teaching and played with loads of products and experimented with techniques. The pure variation you can achieve with stamping made me fall in love with it - and also I always craved the beautiful images that I knew I couldn't draw, but with the aid of a stamp, I could work with.

My 'stash' grew, and my interest never waned. Eventually, I started driving Dawn to London and helping in the QVC studio's. This in turn lead to me actually being a guest on TV - and then being offered a job with Create and Craft as a Presenter. All this, from making little Fimo bears! Who would have thought. It has been an incredible journey, and I consider myself to be exceptionally lucky.

I work in an industry I love, with great inspirational people, learning new things every day. I now have my own web site, and have begun to fulfill a burning ambition. I always wanted to be able to see work and make it into stamps - this is finally happening.

I still love stamping, and everything that goes with it. I am a messy crafter, so any work with inks and creating my own backgrounds has me enthralled. Triple thick enameling never fails to impress, and there can never be enough stamps in the world - keep them coming.

Crafting has certainly made a difference to my life, and I will always thank the day I actually had to guts to leave my secure job in Manchester to the just never know what's round the corner."

If you would like to see more art by Leonie, check out her blog - Life's About Sharing - or her website.

All artwork in this post was created by Leonie Pujol.


  1. I of course know Leonie from C&C but it's interesting to read how she got into the business. x

  2. Great to see your work Leonie, we don't get to see enough of it up close on tv! Gorgeous!

  3. Oh my! The papercut altered book is just amazing!

  4. Brilliant to have you here displaying your wonderful talents. Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  5. Thanks for sharing your story and your work is amazing!!!

  6. Your story is are very talented and it is fun to get to know about you. I enjoy seeing all of your different projects on the website.

  7. Welcome to Gingersnaps! Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful artwork. You are great on C and C!

    Lucy x


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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