Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Lights to Warm our Hearts and Hearths

It's holiday time again! That means lots of warm and cozy nights with the beautiful glow of candles and fires to light up our hearts and our hearth. This December, Gingersnap Creations is celebrating Holiday Lights and we will be focusing on candles, votive holders and all things wax.

This month, we will be welcoming Pennywise Arts as our December sponsor. Pennywise Arts supplies fabulous micro beads in a wide range of colors in both translucent and opaque styles. They also feature a variety of adhesive solutions for the avid micro beader. Look for samples of Pennywise projects on their blog and fantastic tutorials on their website.

Joining in on our holiday fun this month, the Pennywise Arts Design Team has put together some great projects for you to enjoy!

Suzanne Glazier of Pennywise Arts

Our December Muse is Leonie Pujol, fabulous papercraft and mixed media artist and author. With a wonderfully diverse portfolio, Leonie is sure to charm you with her amazing art. We'll be featuring her in a Muse Showcase on Saturday, but if you want to see her art now you can visit her blog, Leonie Pujol: Life's About Sharing.

Artwork by Leonie Pujol

We are also pleased to welcome our Visiting Artists for December who will be sharing their phenomenal talents and art with us in our challenges! We are delighted to welcome Cath Wilson and to have both Yvonne (MeggyMay) and Louise LePierres as returning Visiting Artists. We can't wait to see what they create this month!

We've all fired up about our month full of fun!

~ our 4 regular challenges: Chestnut Theme, Spicy Supply, Random Redhead and Color

~ 5 more wrap-ups with more stunning Ginger Gem art and 5 new Home Page Artists and prize winners

~ a Muse Spotlight with Leonie Pujol, papercrafting and mixed media artist

~ a Sponsor Spotlight featuring Pennyewise Arts' Suzanne Glazier

~ some fabulous projects by Suzanne Glazier and the Pennywise Arts Design Team


~ another fantastic column by Contributing Artist, Deb Corder

Our Yahoo Group has been busy with the current Art Exchange - Holiday Ornaments. Check out these fabulous creations!

Artwork by Nancy

Artwork by Vicki

Artwork by Cathy

Artwork by Petra

Artwork by Suze

If you want to get in on the fun in our GC Yahoo Group or sign up for one of our Art Exchanges, why not become a Gingersnapper yourself and join our group? The membership process is easy and the fellowship is fantastic and we have a new art exchange coming up after the New Year!

For further Gingersnapper social networking, you can also join other crafters in our Gingersnap Creations on FB group.

Get your creative spark burning this holiday season and join us for some fun and fellowship!


  1. Happy December, y'all! The ideas are flowing freely about now. Can't wait to get started on this wonderfulness!

  2. Oo, I'm so excited! Such lovely creations!


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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