Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sharon Briss: Modern Menorah

e are in the midst of Chanukah, the beautiful Holiday of Lights. I have always admired the wide variety of menorahs available from dignified and antique to marvelous and modern. From formal to fun, these beautiful candelabras are always a delight.

This year, I decided to add a little modern flair to our holiday table with a modern menorah! It was as easy as One-Two-Bead.

It started with a very simple idea and nine round candles. To make your own, you'll need 9 candles, 1/2" blue ribbon, 1/2" double-sided tape, 1/4" double-sided tape and some Pennywise glass microbeads.

To begin, I measured the ribbon around the candle and cut it so that it overlapped slightly. I then cut 8 more strips of ribbon the same length.

I then attached the 1/2" double-sided tape to the back of each piece of ribbon.

I then attached the second smaller piece of double-sided tape to the front, centering it in the middle of the ribbon.

Next, I took the protective coating off the small ribbon and poured microbeads over it, being careful to catch all the extras in a tray.

All that is left to do is to attach the ribbon around each candle.

Once complete, arrange all 9 candles onto a decorative plate and you are done!

As with any decorative candle, do not let it burn down to the decoration and never leave candles of any kind unattended!

May the season of holiday lights bring cheer and warmth to your home!


  1. These are beautiful, very elegant. x

  2. Wonderful candles and a great card!

  3. ?????

    Decorative, but not functional. Hanukkah candles are not extinguished - you let them burn away after you light them.

  4. Yup, Juliet is right on this one! I did use this piece as a decorative centerpiece for my holiday table and used our traditional menorah for the actual nightly lighting. I still thought it was fun!

  5. How very elegant and yet how simple!
    I could see your idea utilized in so many different ways!
    Thank You

  6. What a fun idea! I like the tray of candles just as a center piece!

  7. Very neat Menorah! Like the beading and your display. My friend is doing hers with battery operated candles this year. It looks so beautiful on her mantel. Can't wait to see them all lit on the 9th night. They are set on a timer so she is lighting each one at the exact same time as the last, so the previous ones will come on and they will all light up together and go off together (well, give or take a couple seconds.) Happy Chanukah! :)

  8. Super creative! Love this crafty new menorah.


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