Friday, December 16, 2011

Suzanne Glazier of PWA: Beaded Votives

We are delighted to have Suzanne Glazier, owner of Pennywise Arts back with us with a fabulous and fun tutorial on creating Beaded Votives. For this project, as Suzanne says herself, she took our December theme of Holiday Lights quite literally!

Here's Suzanne and her fabulous holiday idea, perfect for your own home or as a gift for a friend.

"Here's a project I made with the theme "Holiday Lights" in mind!

A template for any glass votive can be made by wrapping it with paper and trimming the edges to fit. Then, the template can be traced directly onto a sheet of O'So Sticky Tape.

All four votives in this tutorial were wrapped with O'So Sticky Tape and embellished using masking techniques. Save the liners from the O'So Sticky Tape to use as release paper masks. Always put the shiny side down when using release papers. The other side of the liner is designed to be able to write and draw on and will not release if place onto O'So Sticky Tape.

Here are ideas for 4 different candles!

Red Candy Candle: Decorative paper circles were punched and placed on the the exposed O'So Sticky Tape. Then the votive rolled in Red Translucent micro beads. The candy circles were added with foam tape for dimension.

Green Candy Candle: Release paper from the O'So Sticky Tape was hand cut into circles and swirls. First, all the circles are placed shiny side down onto the exposed O'So and the whole votive rolled in Lettuce Translucent micro beads. Then the circle masks are removed and the swirls put into place in the centers (shiny side down). Then, White Opaque micro beads are sprinkled into each area. Finally, the swirl masks are removed and Red Opaque micro beads complete the candy centers.

Snowflake Candle: Snowflakes are punched from the release paper and placed shiny side down onto the exposed O'So Sticky Tape. A 1/4" strip of liner is put around the top edge of the votive and the candle is rolled into Gold Opaque Micro Beads. Then the 1/4" strip is removed and the exposed tape is dipped into Lettuce Translucent Micro Beads. Lastly, the snowflake masks are removed and White Opaque micro beads are sprinkled onto the exposed tape.

Holly Candle: Holly and berries were hand drawn onto the liner from O'So Sticky Tape, cut out and placed shiny side down onto the exposed tape on the votive. The candle was then rolled in clear Mini micro beads. The holly masks were then removed and the leaves cut from the berries. The berries were then put back, shiny side down. The holly leaves were beaded with Lettuce Translucent micro beads and then the berries in Red Opaque micro beads.

You can finish off your set with a great gift box!

Heavy decorative paper was used to create the box. A Scor It tool provides interesting texture lines. Finish off the box with ribbons and a gift tag."

Well, Suzanne really wrapped up that great tutorial with flair! Look for more projects from Suzanne and her team throughout the month!


  1. These are so warm and welcoming, such a wonderful tutorial and a great gift idea.

  2. A lot of work has gone into the candle holders, loving it all. x

  3. Love these- what a great gift these would make!

  4. What a pretty holiday project, Suzanne!



Thanks for your wonderful words!

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