Saturday, January 7, 2012

January Muse Showcase: Nicks

Gingersnap Creations is proud to introduce our January Muse, Nicks! Nicks is an incredible altered art and mixed media artist whose creations are just a delight!

Nicks has been a guest designer on the Artistic stamper creative team blog. She was also on the Design Team for The Altered Element, which is now sadly closed.As usual, we'll let Nicks tell you about herself! We are sure you will enjoy getting to know her and her art.

"I am known as Nicks by close friends and people within the crafty circle. I am a stay at home, busy mum, who inbetween working for my husband's business, being very involved in my son's school and looking after various elderly relatives.

I enjoy nothing more than ignoring the dust and retreating into my craft room. I live by the adage 'A creative mess is better than idle tidiness' which is quite obvious if you ever see the inside of my craft room.

I began stamping about 9 years ago when my son was a baby. At school I was told I couldn't do art because I wasn't terribly good at drawing and painting, yet I always felt creative.

Once I discovered stamping I released the arty side of myself and soon moved into ATC's, Altered Art, mixed media and more recently journaling.

I love to give anything a go and love learning and trying new techniques and using different medias and materials.

My family have learnt never to throw anything out without asking me first - just in case!

I am a firm believer that everybody can create and has an artistic side!

We would like to thank Nicks so much for joining us this month! Look for some of her great creations later on this month.

To see more of Nicks' great art now, check out her beautiful blog - Nicks Arty Stuff.

All art in this post by Nicks.


  1. Wow Nicks, what a great're very talented. I've enjoyed watching your art!

    greetings, Alie :-)

  2. i am lovin your art pieces!! the colours in once upon a time.. love love love!! and what a lovely tea pot!!!!

  3. I am the very proud owner of the fabulous canvass Beeswax Birthday above.
    Nicks is awesome in every way xx

  4. Wonderful work, real art going to enjoy seeing Nicks samples this month XOXO Zoe

  5. What wonderful, colorful art!!! Each of these creations is so beautifully done. I am already inspired; I do so much work in ecru, brown, and ivory that the need for more color emerges in me. There's so much playfulness in these works, too --- additional inspiration for me!

  6. Some truly lovely work Nicks. x

  7. What a delightful, inspired, kindred soul Nicks is! This is such a great post and introduction to a unique and creative artist.

  8. Thank you for the warm welcome fellow arty peeps xx

  9. Well done Nicks we already know how great your work is . you really do need talent to take o lot off bit that most people would throw away and turn it in to some thing really admirable. xxx

  10. Looking forward to seeing your tutorial as you won't let on what it is lol
    I have lots of your bits around and treasure what you have done for me

  11. You are inspiring me to try my wings a little differently, so thank you for that!
    I especially like your studio sign about being messy in the midst of creating. It makes sense.
    May I quote you in my own way someday?

  12. I had a blast seeing your varied fun and original art!!!
    Keep going!

  13. Wow! Love all your pieces especially that beeswax birthday... it's stunning!


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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