Saturday, February 18, 2012

Alexa Noble: Faux Spanish Leather and Faux Tie-Dye

Hi everyone! As you know we are delving into the world of faux techniques this month so my tuturial is based on a couple of variations to existing faux techniques which you may already be familiar with, to create new effects.

The first is faux leather. I wanted to create the deeply ridged leather which you often find in Spain and which comes in a range of different colours to make gorgeous purses and bags.

I started with a sheet of cardstock and used 1.5" masking tape which I tore in long strips and applied creating folds as I went. I overlapped all my pieces which helped to stick down the folds on the under pieces.

Continue until the whole sheet is covered and then trim the edges. If any large folds are lifting up, you can use PVA to secure them flat.

At this point, you can choose what finish you want to create. I cut my sheet into three and used different products on each to show you what you can achieve.

To create a traditional brown leather look, I used a combination of inks. Apart from solvent inks such as Staz-on, all other inks will not dry on masking tape as it is non-porous, so you have plenty of time to play with the finish you want to achieve.

I gently inked my page with the Jumbo Java VersMagic which allowed me to pick up all the creases in the darkest shade of brown.

Then I started to add in Gingerbread Versa Magic.

Finally I used Vintage Photo and Brushed Corduroy distress inks.

Once I was happy with my effect, I sprinkled the entire piece with flat clear embossing powder and heat sealed it.

I used a brown acrylic paint on this piece and finished it with some metallic rub-ons to highlight the creases.

My third piece was painted with Byzantia Jewel Tone Metallic Glaze in Turquoise and when dry, rubbed with Gleam Guilding Wax in Peacock and Patina Blue. This is a small part of it but you can see the whole piece in my DT entry last week or on my blog.

My other technique variation that I want to share with you is to show you how to create a faux tie-dye effect.

To do this, start with a piece of ordinary paper and gently scrunch it up into a ball. Do this carefully by starting at one end of the sheet to prevent the paper tearing. Once it is nicely screwed up, use an embossing pad and dab it around over all the creases and also some of the little flat areas you have created. Open the sheet out and dab it over some more. Once you think you've one enough (which is hard to tell as the ink is invisible!) sprinkle with clear embossing powder and heat until melted.

Now colour your piece with either spray inks (I used Adirondack Colour Wash) or other inks. I've used one colour but you could use a variety including shimmer colours.

Once you have applied your colour, cover the piece with an ordinary sheet of printer paper and iron with a hot iron. This re-melts the embossing powder and will leave those areas white.

I used my tie-dye sheet to cut out some tattered florals for my card using the leather background. I hope my ideas will generate some inspiration for you to create a new effect in one of your projects.


  1. Ohhh love these backgrounds- wonderful background technique samples and love your great card!!!

  2. Such inspiration. Thank you. These backgrounds and samples look amazing.

  3. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  4. Oooo thanks must give this a go :) lainey x

  5. Ooooohhhhh wonderful backgrounds!!! Love the tutorials!!

  6. Wonderful tutorial--love these backgrounds.

  7. Ooooh, great post! I didn't know how to do either one of those techniques! I love how the flowers look with the tie-dye paper!

  8. Very cool!!! The flowers look gorgeous with the faux leather background. Tfs!

  9. I thought this was done with tissue paper, so how creative to use masking tap! Love it!

  10. Oooh, the texture's amazing, Alexa! I'm so far behind on the tutes. Love seeing yours!


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