Saturday, February 11, 2012

News from the Founding Femmes

Gingersnap Creations will be celebrating its third birthday in two weeks! What a time we have had with so many great challenges long past and the ones upcoming!

We've had such wonderful growth in our three years and we can hardly believe that we have so many amazing followers! It's just astounding that by the end of our birthday month, we'll have had 154 challenges!

Now, we don't know about all of you out there, but a lot of things can change in three years and it's no different for the two of us! Both Ali and myself have increased our time working outside of stamping as well as within the stamping community, both of us have started new businesses and we've both explored a ton of new and different styles of stamping and mixed media. We've received a ton of satisfaction and inspiration from all these new experiences, but we are both ready to embark on even more new art adventures too!

Ali has already begun her newest adventure with Vintage Page Designs, her fabulous Etsy store.

She creates photo albums, journals and notebooks using old book pages, vintage maps, and sheet music. Vintage elements and clear and crisp design have always been near and dear to her heart. In her shop, she has used her wonderful sense of design and style to collect lots of vintage paper treasures for artists, designers and collectors to use in their work. You can see some of the wonderful things, Ali has been making on her new blog, Vintage Page Designs. She has decided to focus her attentions on this new venture and her job as she returns to work in the promotion and public relations field.

You all already know I've been busy with Rogue Redhead Designs and I am really excited to announce I am starting yet another new adventure - one that will also be online. Gingersnap Creations is being transformed into a fabulous new blogozine, Unruly PaperArts, of which I will be the editor and creative director.

This new blogozine will include articles and tutorials for all crafting levels in a variety of different styles and formats. Our features will range from step-by-step projects to technique tutorials to reviews to design concepts and more. As the blogozine title suggests, our main focus will be on the experience and exploration of papercraft and mixed media rather than any staid instruction manual. Inspiration and imagination will be our hallmarks with a little edgy attitude thrown in for good measure. We are Unruly after all!

We'll have posts from our regular columnists, many of whom you will recognize as Gingers, as well as from a number of contributing guest artists.

To apply for a columnist position with Unruly PaperArts, email with Columnist Application in the subject line.
  • Columnists will be expected to complete 3 columns in their chosen specialty over the course of the 6-month term, utilizing our issue themes as inspiration and guidance.
  • Columnists will also be expected to provide at least one sample piece of art for each of 2 Reader Art Dares over the course of the 6-month term.
Please include the following in your application:
  • Name and blog address
  • Current and previous design teams
  • Publication credits if any
  • 3 to 5 links to work you have already created
  • a brief description of your style
We will accept applications from February 11 until March 10, 2012. We will send out Columnist invitations for the open spots by March 20, 2012.

To submit potential articles for consideration as a Unruly Contributor, please see the requirements on UPA. For contributor material we will accept tutorials, step-by-step projects, demonstrations of product and themed inspiration articles. Contributor submissions are welcome at any time but there are limited spots per issue.

Unruly PaperArts will premiere in April 2012! We hope to see you all there! Be sure to become a follower so you don't miss out on any of our news!

What's happening with Gingersnap Creations? We've still got a month and a half of fabulous new content for you! We have 7 new challenges, a number of tutorials, and a lot of inspiration still to go. As regular readers know, we go all out for our Birthday month - March!

Our March challenges will be extra exciting. Not only is it time for our 4th Annual Copper, Ginger or Rust Color Challenge, we are going to let you, the readers, pick the Ginger Gems! We'll have voting enabled for all our March challenges. We will still draw a random winner for Home Page Artist and a sponsor prize but the 10 pieces receiving the most votes by the end of each challenge will be our new Ginger Gems.

During the month of April, we'll be showing off all those fabulous Ginger Gems - 40 in all - and showing off the fabulous work of our Gingers, the Gingersnap Creations design team.

We will be leaving the Gingersnap Creations blog live as we know many of you use our fabulous tutorials as inspiration and resources in your art. The tutorials, reviews and interviews will continue to be accessible for as long as we can manage. There's been too many awesome ideas and gorgeous art over the last 3 years to just let it evaporate into cyberspace!

We cherish the fabulous Gingersnapper groups that exist on Facebook and Yahoo Groups. As these groups have always been about sharing and friendship, we see no reason to close either one. They can continue as places where supportive, friendly artists can come together.

It's an exciting time for all of us and we hope that you will hang out with us here for the rest of February and all the fun in March! When April arrives, we hope to see you at Unruly PaperArts and Vintage Page Designs too!

For both Ali and myself, this is not an end but rather two new beginnings! We've been so proud to be part of the Gingersnapper online community, such a friendly and supportive group of wonderfully creative and talented people! We can't wait to share more adventures and art with you all!

-- Sharon Briss, Founding Femme


  1. Oh wow this sounds an amazing change. Good luck to you both in your new ventures, I will be watching with interest as things unfold.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  2. What a wonderful sounding venture! I know you will make a huge success of it,

    Lucy x

  3. Good luck to both of your in your new enterprises! I will be sure to follow with interest. Thanks for making Gingersnappers so good to be part of.

  4. Wishing you both success in your new andventures. I for one really enjoy this group and hope it won't change too much! Happy Weekend!

  5. Congrats and Good Luck to both of you... How exciting to embark on new adventures! I look forward to seeing you in your future endeavors!

  6. Wow!!! Congratulations to both of you as you start your new journeys! :) I am definitely looking forward to seeing how things turn out and will be staying tuned! :) Hope to still get to participate in all the upcoming challenges! Will there be more via the blogozine?

    1. We'll be having 2 Reader Art Quests per month on Unruly PaperArts which will be similar to challenges. You can read more about them on the
      UPA blog
      . You can even get a head start on the first two. Here's info on the first and info on the second.

  7. What an exciting adventure for both of you! I look forward to your new adventures- and Congrats!!!

  8. Exciting news ladies and what a fab name! I've learned so much since joining the Gingersnap community and can't wait to join in the fun over at UPA! xx

  9. Congratulations Ladies, enjoy your new adventures and we look forward to more of it.
    How exciting....

  10. dear Ali And Shar, what a mixed bag of emotions I feel right now, Gingersnap creations and the Yahoo group members have been so instrumental in giving me the confidence to explore my creativity and so holds such a special place in my heart :-) but also 2012 is all about change and these new adventures sound so empowering and brilliant for you and others I'm also Really excited !!! so well done! and I can't wait to join in march's birthday fun and catch up with your new ventures, much love Debi x

  11. Congratulations and thank you to both of you. You have shared so much and made Vintage exciting for me. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

  12. Ali and Shar wishing you both every success with your new ventures.
    Glad to see the progression of Gingersnaps into an exciting new blog and new challenges.
    Bring it on!
    Debs x

  13. Congratulations on your new journey!! I am looking forward to joining you with your new ventures!

  14. Congrats to you both Ali and Shar! I wish you both much success, and I can't wait to participate in the new blogazine challenges.

  15. This is truly exciting for each of you ladies. Change is rarely easy, yet, a new road every once in awhile is often an exciting and fulfiling journey. I wish you each the best and thank you for Gingersnaps Creations. This is an inspiring place to be every day.

  16. Congrats to you both! And wishing you the best in your next adventures! I will certainly miss Gingers, but am looking forward to the new blogazine; it's great that we will be able to come back here to check out the tutorials and whatnot!

  17. Have enjoyed being one of your Gingers for a long time now and feel both sadness (seeing the end of the Challenge Blog) and excitement for the founding femmes as they discover new enterprises. They both so deserve it!

  18. Bless you both! This site has been an amazing inspiration for me personally. Was so honoured to be be Visiting Artist for "Go Poe" back in October of 2011. I love the challenges and tutorials. Congrats and best wishes to both of you!

  19. Congratulations to you both and the best of luck in your new ventures. It's all so exciting and I have no doubt, will be a continuation/expansion of the wonderful inspiration you give us now!

  20. Congrats and all the best for your new journey.

  21. How exciting! I wish you both much continued success and look forward to checking out UPA. Here's to new paths!

  22. WOW! Somehow I missed this until now. Best of EVERYTHING to you both! This is a great source of inspiration to me and, I am sure, many others. I will continue to be inspired, just at a different web address. Thank you all for the hard work and love over the past few years!


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