Monday, February 6, 2012

Samantha Read: Faux Tissue Tape

This idea for faux tissue tape hit me like a bolt of lightning just
before my month of being a Gingersnap Muse (August 2011) then
like all good ideas I forgot all about it!

It's so easy to do, too.

Take the required about of card needed for the amount of faux tissue tape
you would like to make. The next bit is great fun, just stamp randomly
all over! Using waterproof inks works better for this.

You then need to cut your card into equal strips, rearrange the order
and glue down onto another piece of card the same size, or cheat like
I did and use a bigger piece of card and trim afterwards. It
should look like this, all jumbled up.

Next add paint and/or gesso as required for your project.
(This is why the waterproof ink works well!)

Then embellish and decorate till your hearts content.

I mixed a Suzi Blu stamp with some digital prints from Amy along
with a Marth Stewart punch. It isn't the most sophisticated
piece of art but I had great fun, I do hope you have a go!

Wishing you a happy crafty day, Sam x


  1. It really does show that you had fun with this!

  2. Looks great Sam and fun too will have to have a go as I love getting inky!! Thanks for sharing.

    Maggie H

  3. Olá!!
    Lindo trabalho!!
    beijos do Brasil

  4. smashing fun and I love the card, x

  5. What a GREAT idea!! Can't wait to try this!!

  6. I'm so glad you like it! Thanks ladies :o)

  7. Brilliant technique Sam! TFS! xox

  8. How cool, and such a great tutorial too. Gotta try this -- fun and messy, my favorite kind of project! And your final card is so fantastic...just love it.

  9. Super!!! Love your card..I love

  10. Very useful tutorial!
    Love how yours turned out, thanks!

  11. So useful!!!
    Love your design and thank you!

  12. It took me a couple of read-throughs to understand what you had done here, but I like it!

  13. Great technique, thanks for sharing!

  14. Hi Samantha,
    I have just found your lovely tutorial on Faux Tissue Tape - it's lovely and looks very effective too. THANK YOU very much indeed for sharing this lovely technique and for your great step by step Tutorial.


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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