Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sharon Briss: Faux Clouds

If you want a simple technique, this is on my top 10 of easy! It takes almost no time to create this fun sky background. Use it on your whole canvas or create a lovely landscape!

Here's what you will need:
- canvas or other surface to paint
- white, silver and blue paint (I used Jacquard Lumiere paints as I like their sheen)
- sea or foam sponge
- foam brush
- scrap paper

I started with a plain canvas. I wanted a really vivid blue so I painted the whole canvas with Jacquard Lumiere Pearlescent Blue paint using a foam brush making sure not show my brush strokes.

Once I had a nice even layer, I let my canvas dry completely.

When I was ready to add my "clouds", I put some Pearlescent White Jacquard Lumiere paint onto a paper plate. I got out my sponge and misted it slightly.

I dipped my sponge into the paint and then dabbed the sponge onto the scrap paper before applying to the canvas. This step keeps the paint less dense and keeps your clouds light and fluffy.

Have fun dabbing the sponge onto the canvas to create big fluffy clouds or drag it slightly to create more wispy clouds.

Once I was content with my clouds, I add one more touch - a silver lining.

I like to add a tiny bit of silver to the bottom of each of my clouds. Remember to dab your sponge on your piece of scrap first or your clouds will look too dark!

It adds a little dimension and makes the coloring more interesting. To finish off, I lightly dabbed my clouds with a soft cloth to make them a tiny bit softer in shape.

When my canvas had dried completely, I added some fun figures from Rogue Redhead Designs' Just Sayin' plate along with some wings and words from various ArtChix Studio digital collage sheets.

The woman and man were stamped onto an old text page which had been lightly painted with white acrylic paint to take down the text a little.

The paint also served to stiffen the paper so extra benefit there!

Here's a look at the whole piece:

Hope to see some of your fabulous skyscapes soon!


  1. Totally awesome! Love your clouds tutorial!! The hint about the "silver lining" is a cool tip. Thanks, Shar!! :-)

  2. Simple, fast and very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very cool technique! Thanks for sharing!! <3 Candy

  4. Love your canvas and a great tuturiol for light fluffy clouds will give this a try.


  5. Lovely and simple cartoon clouds, smashing tutorial. x

  6. Love your creative art! Great looking clouds. TF the cloud tutorial, as well as how you made your piece. :)

  7. great idea--we can always use a little silver lining!


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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