Friday, February 10, 2012

Sharon Briss: Peeled Paper Canvas

With the recent Spicy Supply challenge to use masking tape, I thought I would get brave and a try peeled paper on an art board.

For this technique, you need very few supplies - gel medium, brushes (I prefer foam for applying gel medium and horsehair brush for applying paint), book page or telephone book page big enough to cover your selected surface, acrylic paints, a bone folder and - of course - masking tape.

I started by preparing my art board with some gel medium. I applied it nice and evenly and thick enough to adhere my selected paper.

I immediately applied the paper to the surface and used my fingers to smooth it down. Let this all set for a few minutes.

Tear off a piece of masking tape and place it randomly on the paper. Burnish it with your fingers or a bone folder.

Once you are satisfied you have good contact, pick up an end of the masking tape and slowly pull it down and towards you in a steady motion. Some of the paper will peel away along with the tape.

Continue adding masking tape and removing it hear and there on the paper. You can also rub or sand small bits of the surface to create even more texture. Once you are happy with your surface, let dry completely.

To add color, I pulled out my acrylic paints. I added a small drop of paint to my palette with some water to create a color wash.

I started by adding yellow paint to the whole canvas.

I finished off the wash by adding areas of orange and red to give some depth, only leaving a little of the original yellow showing.

After letting the paint wash set for a minute or so, I used a soft cloth to pick up excess paint and soften the look.

Once all that was dry, I was able to stamp some images onto the paper with StazOn ink. I selected images from Rogue Redhead Designs' Floriculture plate.

I then added some collage images from Paper Whimsy and ArtChix Studio as well as some additional paper and a bit of hardware. I stamped a sentiment from Floriculture onto the collage image of the girl as well.

Here's the final piece:

I really loved how easy this background was to create and how fast it went together. I hope you will try it on some of your pieces!


  1. Gorgeous Shar, and I love that quote. A technique I haven't tried yet, will give it a go! x

  2. Love the texture, fabulous. That image is great too!

  3. Great technique, love the finished piece hugs trace x

  4. What a fabulous technique - thanks for sharing!

  5. Love it and it is not even colours I like!!!!!!

  6. Wow, this is gorgeous! I really love how you stamped the sentiment onto her skirt. Fab technique too, thanks for sharing!

  7. Wonderful!!! Thanks so much for the tut!

  8. Fabulous! Thanks for spelling out the process. Love your piece!

  9. I love this idea - really clever. Gorgeous end result! x

  10. Great tutorial - beautifully explained. Thank you!


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