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[Folded Book Project] by Suzanne Brookfield

I love books particularly old ones; you know the ones with yellowed pages and a certain smell. I do admit however that the stories/subjects in some of these old books do not inspire me at all so I don’t feel sentimental about “altering” one of these books. Some will be horrified at the thought of ripping/tearing any book – please look away now:)

My aim is to create a vintage collage using the book as the display. A lot of my inspiration form this piece comes from a friend of mine; Sue Roddis of Jabberwocky fame who does marvelous things with books and old things – I really admire Sue’s work but we accept we have completely different styles. This is my take on the book display. I hope you enjoy my brief and simple project.

  • Hard Covered Old Book
  • Bone Folder depending on type of pages in book
  • Distress Inks/Spray Inks / Dabbers
  • Card/paper for stamping
  • Wet Glue / Glue Stick
  • Vintage Ephemera such as lace / ribbon, buttons etc
  • Lace Ribbon
1. Now this is the time consuming/hard work part (I found it quite relaxing actually in front of the television). Working from the front page, fold in half towards the spine of the book, it doesn’t make a difference whether you fold towards the cover or towards the middle. Entirely your preference. Done about 10-pages at the front of the book and then go to the back of the book and do the same. The intention is to work towards the middle.

Once all the pages have been folded I find no adhesive is needed and the folded pages stay in place and the book lies flat.

2. Now for the fun part the decorating:- distress the folded pages in whichever way you prefer (I am a great believer in making something your own – so I am not going to dictate what colouring medium to use). The only thing I would say is if using any of the various spray inks do not over do it – as your book pages may be fragile and soak up too much liquid. I used distress inks, faded jeans and tea dye. I just applied the ink pad direct to the folded edges.

3. To decorate the inside covers of the book – in this instance I used pattered papers leaving the edge of the book showing as I like to see the grain of the book cover.

4. You are now ready to decorate in however way you like. I used female vintage images; a variety of stamps, glossy images and charms. When placing the stamped images or embellishments that you want to stand up leave (or add in the case of the frames) a tab.

I cut this down to size and slipped in between the pages after distressing with ink so the cream card would blend in and not be so stark.

5. I assembled various embellishments including a silhouette die cut which I used gold metal sheet which I further burnished with brown Stazon ink to age. Chipboard which was heavily glittered was sanded down using a nail file to blend in to the shabby/vintage feel I was hoping to achieve.

The flowers were created by using a scallop punch numerous times; spritzing with water before scrunching up and distressing with distress inks. Glue stick was wiped over them to keep the scrunched appearance and then affixed with a brad.

Here is my completed folded book display:

This folded book technique can be used in lots of differing styles/genres and if you wanted to be clever - lots of different shaped folds could be used. I hope I have give a little inspiration.

Lots more photos of the finished project can be found on my blog. Suzanne B ~x~


  1. Usually, I do not like folded book, but this one...; wow ! It is fantastic !

  2. Fantastic Tutorial Suzanne and what a wowser it is, will be giving this a go sometime soon.

    Hugs Shirley x x x

  3. Wow Suzanne what a superb project and definitely something I would like to have a go at. TFS.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  4. Hey Suzanne this is fabulous..
    suzi b xx

  5. Absolutely fantastic tutorial, the result amazing!

  6. Suzanne, I love this! I am only just starting my first ever altered book but once I have done that, I hope to have a go at this style too. Love your embellishments and bits you've used!

  7. This really is awesome Suz and you make it look so easy too!
    Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial and will hopefully try this out soon.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  8. Left comments on your blog Suzanne - absolutely stunning project and I can't wait to give it a go.

  9. That is so cute and pretty! I have never seen a book done that way before. Thanks for the tutorial!

  10. Terrific tutorial, thank you for sharing, x

  11. WOW! WOW! WOW! What an incredible project. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. I can't wait to do one of these! I've needed some fresh inspiration, and here it is! Thanks for the nifty tutorial! I'm off to do a folded book project of my own now... 8-)

  13. Wow Stunning. I am one of those individuals that have a hard time doing this to books but if I could do anything close to this, it may change my ways. LOL
    TFS, Lesley

  14. Just a great tutorial and a fabulous project.

  15. WOW! This is incredible!

    Oh gosh, I have SO missed visiting the Gingersnap's blog.. I've had no internet for almost a week :(

    Thank you for a great tutorial.xx

  16. This is so fantastic! I have to try it and thank you for the tutorial!!!

  17. Wonderful inpsiration - and a great tutorial, thank you. Have gone back to card making recently as my mixed media head had gone walkabout - but this may be the thing to strart me off again.... just beautiful.

  18. What a unique idea!! I think it would be beautiful to display old family photos. Just gorgeous! great tutorial.

  19. Thank yo so much for the inspiration!!! Beautiful Am off to have a go shortly
    Carol x


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