Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ginger Showcase: Lucy Edmondson

Lucy joined the Gingers team in March 2010 after being one of our Monthly Muses.  Primarily a mixed media artist, she has a knack of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

A maven of mixed media, Lucy loves to add dimension, texture and color to her beautiful creations.   She creates instant heirlooms with her fabulous frames and altered boxes and decor items.  Just like her sparkling personality, Lucy often adds sparkle to her art with magnificent metal embellishments and glittering elements from inks to plastic to glass.  Her inventive spirit and creativity shine through all her art.

You can find more of Lucy's fabulous creations at her blog - True Colors.

Lucy can also be found making art for Crafty Individuals, teaching at Nancyz Crafts and as a columnist at Unruly PaperArts.


  1. Wow what an absolutely stunning display of Lucy's creations. xx

  2. Your amazing creativity never ceases to inspire.

  3. Lucy is an amazing, creative artist, & I'm fortunate to have her as a kind and generous friend too! She always inspires me!
    Alison xxx


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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