Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ginger Showcase: Stephanie Severin

Ever since she started with the Gingers in September 2010, Stephanie Severin has delighted us with her stylish and joyful art.

Fabulous and funky, Stephanie's bold style is imaginative and unmistakable.  She is a design diva with a sensational ability to use color in an expressive and powerful way.  She uses clean lines and shapes to create unbelievably fabulous art and her flair for creating amazing inky effects is undisputed.

You can see more of Stephanie's superb art at her blog - Ingenious Inkling.

Stephanie is also one of the founders of the amazing Jingle Belles Challenge blog and a valued member of the Rogue Crew at Rogue Redhead Designs


  1. She's a very talented lady, with such a wide range to her style! Valerie

  2. Oh dear! The "plug-in" for your video is missing! Hope that can be fixed soon. Some of ours over at Steam Tea Travels are missing too. I wonder what could be going on with the Blogger/YouTube interface?
    Guess I'll head for the links now instead...


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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