Challenge FAQ

Everything (we hope) you need to know about the challenges here at Gingersnap Creations!

What Can Be Entered?

You can enter any papercrafting project including any of the following:
- card of any size
- scrapbook layout, spread or album
- ATCs, Skinnies or Moos
- tags or bookmarks
- inchies, twinchies, or thrinchies
- scraplings
- 4x4s, 5x5s or 6x6s
- postcard art (6"x4") or arches
- altered projects
- journals
- mixed media creations

Also allowed are home decor items, gift items, handcrafted jewelry or other 3-D projects as long as your creation has some papercrafting included.

Basically, if your creation includes some papercrafting element it qualifies. Go wherever creativity takes you!

Of course, your entry should also fit the challenge ie fit the theme or inspiration, use the supply, or include the colors specified.

When to Check out Our Challenges?

Our challenges post every Wednesday! Each week we have a different type of challenge.

First Wednesday of the Month - Chestnut Theme Challenge
Second Wednesday - Spicy Supply Challenge
Third Wednesday - Random Redhead Challenge
Fourth Wednesday - Color Challenge
Fifth Wednesday - Once in a Blue Moon Challenge

Our challenges last over 3 weeks each. The first four types of challenges close the Sunday before the next challenge of the same type posts starting with the September 16, 2009 challenge. The closing date for the Once in a Blue Moon Challenge do vary. Please refer to the challenge post for more information.

Who Can Play?

Our challenges are open to papercrafters and mixed media artists as long as their entries comply with the specific challenge requirements.

Where to find our Challenges?

Our challenges are not only posted each Wednesday, they are also listed on the sidebar of the blog with their closing dates and links to the original challenge posts until they close. You can also find current open challenges listed on the front page of our Yahoo Group.

How to Play?

To submit a qualifying entry, please make sure you follow these simple steps:

1) Upload your creation to your online gallery or blog.

2) If you have a blog, make sure to mention "Gingersnap Creations" and the challenge itself with a link back to the specific challenge on the Gingersnap Creations blog when you post your creation.
3) Come back to Gingersnap Creations and use the link application to link your post or add a comment to the post with a link to your fabulous creation! Be sure to link to your specific blog post and not just to your main blog address.

Please note: all submissions must be posted after the Challenge has been posted. Creations posted before the challenge announcement date will not be considered.

We reserve the right to remove offensive or inappropriate comments or links at our discretion.

What is a Ginger Gem?

At the wrap-up of each challenge, we pick 10 submissions that we feel best exemplified that challenge's objective.

The Ginger Gems' artwork for that week appear in the wrap-up post. Their artwork will also appear in a slideshow in the sidebar of the blog until the next set of Ginger Gems is chosen. Each Ginger Gem may also claim the Ginger Gem badge for use on their own blog.

To be eligible for consideration as a Ginger Gem, you must comply with all the "How to Play" requirements.

How Can I Be a Home Page Artist?

For a chance to be our Home Page Artist for a week, simply enter a submission to one of our challenges.  At the end of each challenge, a randomly drawn "winner" will be our next Home Page Artist.  The Home Page Artist's challenge submission will appear on the front page of our Yahoo Group and on the sidebar of the blog for one week following the wrap-up.

Can my entry include other challenges?

Yes, your entry can be combined with other challenges, even our own, as long as you follow the "How to Play" rules above.

Want to find other challenge blogs? Join our
Yahoo Group and get access to our challenge blog database as well as databases for other stamping and collage resources.

Can I submit more than one entry per challenge?

Yes!  As long as each entry is unique and complies with the "How to Play" rules, you may enter each challenge more than once.

Need Help Linking?

Creating a link to your blog post is really easy.

Method 1 - no html
1) Open two windows or tabs in your internet browser, one showing your blog post and one to the Gingersnap Creations challenge post.

2) On your blog, click on the title of your post to ensure that the link shown in your address bar is for that specific post.

Highlight the link in the address bar, generally found at the top of your browser window or tab, and copy. To use "hot keys", press CTRL-C to copy after highlighting. On some browsers, you can also right-click on the address bar and select the "Copy" option.

3) Move over to the window showing the Gingersnap Creations post and add a comment. To add the link, simply press CTRL-V after your message!

Method 2 - html
Follow steps 1 & 2 above, then go to the Gingersnap Creations challenge post and add a comment. Type your message and then use the code shown below to add a click-through to your creation. Where it says "YOUR URL", use CTRL-V to copy the address of your post to the comment. Be careful to include all quotation marks and brackets. To double-check your code, you can always Preview your comment.

Method 3 - Link Application
We also now offer a link application for our challenges. To link through this feature, type your Name in the "Name" field and follow the link applications directions to add your link (to your post not to your blog) to the your specific URL or blog post address.

Why Play?

Why not? Our challenges are designed to be low-stress with lots of time to participate. We hope they offer some fun inspiration. To add to the fun, occassionally some of our challenges are sponsored so you may have a chance to win blog candy.

Winning and Claiming Blog Candy

When we do offer blog candy for a particular challenge, we will announce the winner in a wrap-up post on the Gingersnap Creations blog after the challenge closing date. Please note that the winner has 30 days only from the announcement post to contact us at to claim their blog candy. After 30 days from the announcement post, the prize can no longer be claimed.

Have another challenge question?

Email us at and we will do our best to answer it.

We hope you join us and display your awesome creativity!

Last updated 2/14/11.

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