Friday, January 29, 2010

Reasons to Stamp in February

The first month of the year whizzed past us in a blur and now we entering the month of love! When you're all done with the hearts and roses, we have a whole host of other cool reasons to send a card during February. And our fabulous design team has created a whole host of cards to fire your creativity. Enjoy!

1. Give Kids a Smile Day

What a pleasure it is to make a card for a little one and what a great holiday to inspire you!

2. Groundhog Day

Here's a chance to poke a little fun at this crazy day or let the idea of shadows, weather, winter or spring influence your creativity!

3. Children's Authors and Illustrators Week (1st to 7th)

Ah, here's one to really get the creative juices going! Why not do an homage to your favorite book from childhood?

Artwork by Sharon Briss

4. Liberace Day

Music and personality all in one day. Pianos, music and candelabras are all great themes for a papercrafting project today!

5. Wear Red Day

Have your art wear red today! Make a piece of red clothing the focal point of your creation and dress it up!

Artwork by Joanne Wardle

6. International Snow Sculpting Week (3rd-6th)

Snowman cards are so much fun! Use this day to create some other fun snow creatures on paper and sculpt your own snowy art!

7. Ballet Day

Have a ballerina in the family or a dance enthusiast? Here's a great day to send them a thinking about you card with the lovely theme of ballet!

Artwork by Debby Boltman

8. Boy Scout Anniversary Day

Be prepared to have some fun today! It's the anniversary of the Scouting movement!

9. Read in the Bathtub Day

Think spa! Think bubbles! Think great books!

Artwork by Jean Franks-Beck

10. Celebration of Love Week (10th to 16th)

Romance is in the air! Start to make that special card for your sweetheart today!

Artwork by Lynn Stevens

Artwork by Hels Sheridan

11. Satisfied Staying Single Day

A great day to make something to celebrate your favorite single!

Artwork by Jean Franks-Beck

12. Darwin Day

Happy Birthday, Mr. Darwin! Why not make a card with the natural world as a theme to celebrate this scientist's special day?

Artwork by Laura Liddell

13. International Flirting Week (8th to 14th)

Wink, wink! Send a little hand-made something to that sweetie you have your eye on!

14. Chinese New Year

Happy Year of the Tiger! Why not let your creativity flow with Chinese themes, tigers, or with the lucky color combination of red and yellow?

Artwork by Erika Taylor

15. Susan B. Anthony Day

Suffragettes unite! Here's a day to celebrate the power of women! Do you know a wonder woman? Why not send her some hand-made love?

Artwork by Erika Taylor

16. Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day / Mardi Gras

Whatever you call it, the day before lent begins is full of inspiration for creative art. Think carnival and mardi gras with lots of purple, green and gold! Go sweet with a delicious breakfast theme of pancakes!

Artwork by Sharon Briss

17. Quiet Day

Take some quiet time today to reach out to a friend with a "Thinking of You" card.

18. National African American History Month

Put your creativity toward honoring the history of African-Americans today!

19. National Cherry Month

With Spring not yet returned, this month gives us some cheery thoughts of Spring with sweet cherries in our thoughts. Why not use this fabulous fruit to decorate your latest creation?

Artwork by Erika Taylor

20. Love Your Pet Day

Do we ever really need an excuse to show off some cute cats, dogs, rabbits, and all our other furry friends? Make a pet the focal point of your creative process today!

Artwork by Debby Boltman

Artwork by Hels Sheridan

21. Spunky Old Broads Month

Now, here's a totally fun theme! No other inspiration needed!

Artwork by Erika Taylor

Artwork by Sharon Briss

Artwork by Hels Sheridan

22. George Washington's Birthday

Think patriotic and presidential today! Go red, white and blue and have some fun with it on this founding father's birthday!

23. International Friendship Week (17th to 23rd)

No excuses this week! Time to put together some wonderful handcrafted cards to send out to all your fabulous friends!

Artwork by Debby Boltman

Artwork by Hels Sheridan

24. Youth Leadership Month

Know a great kid with some not so hidden talents? Make some paper hugs and hand-crafted encouragement to make their day!

25. National Chili Day

Here's a food that just evokes thoughts of cowboys, ranches and campfires!

26. For Pete's Sake Day

Had one of those days? Why not turn your rotten day into some fabulous art?

27. Texas Cowboy Poetry Week

Campfire sonnets out on the range! Can't ask for better inspiration than that!
Artwork by Lynn Stevens

Artwork by Laura Liddell

Artwork by Debby Boltman

28. Purim

Purim is the a Jewish festival commemorating Esther's saving of the Jewish people of the ancient Persian empire from the fiendish plots of Haman, vizier of the empire.

If you need more inspiration for your creativity this month, check out all our great new challenges in February!


  1. WOW..thankyou for all the inspiration. Great DT projects.

  2. so many reasons to stamp! Great samples ladies!

  3. So many reasons, but....none of these gals need one! So creative GF's, I luv them all! hugz, Gerrie


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