Monday, February 28, 2011

Jean Franks Beck: It's a Bling Thing Tutorial

Since we are getting our royal bling on this month, I thought I would show you a quick and easy technique to add bling to your cards or scrapbook layouts without paying a royal fee!  Whenever I'm at my local scrapbook store, I always pause at those beautiful rhinestone or pearl adhesive flourishes.  They come in so many colors and add such sparkle, but the price per piece always makes me walk away. So I decided to improvise with some flourish stamps, Versamark ink, and Stickles and Liquid Pearls.  I also had a little more fun with glitter and acetate, so let's get to work on this card.

First of all, the main image (from Unity Stamps) is stamped on acetate.  I did this so that when I added all my glitter, I could do it to the back side of the image instead of the front, thereby keeping any stray glitter contained and off of my recipient.  Start by stamping with StazOn or Archival Ink:
After the ink has dried, turn the image over and work on the back side.  I decided to try two methods for adding glitter to the images.  For the center butterfly, I first applied Glossy Accents, keeping slightly inside the lines and away from the edge (I assumed it would spread a little when I added glitter).
Next, I added some art glitter and allowed it to dry.
For the sake of comparison, I glittered the other two butterflies using Stickles.  I think in the end, the art glitter supplied a little more sparkle, but the Stickles were much less messy, and I had the Stickles out to make the flourishes anyway.
Now, on to the bling flourishes. Create the background for your card, then stamp your flourish or swirl stamps using Versamark or other clear emboss ink. This watermarked flourish image will be your guideline for adding the Stickles.  Use flourish stamps that are fairly simple. I used clear stamps (from Autumn Leaves) so that I could see the placement of the images.
Here's a close-up of the Versamark-stamped flourishes.

It was very difficult to capture this in a photograph, so I'm going to switch over to a plain dark purple background to show you the next steps.  I'm also going to use white Liquid pearls to make it easier to see what I'm doing.  First, here's the stamped purple background (you can see the guidelines better here):
Next, take your Liquid Pearls or Stickles (or any other similar product), and start adding dots along the swirl image.  Take a moment to practice on some scrap paper - it's quite easy once you've done it a few times.  Just remember to add your dot and pull the bottle straight up - don't move it sideways or you'll get a little dash instead of a dot.  To make a teardrop shape, add a slightly larger drop, then pull the liquid out from the center with the tip of your bottle (without squeezing).  Here's the swirl almost completed:
It may not seem so, but this goes really quickly once you get the hang of it.  It only took me a few minutes to bling up each card.  Here's a close-up of the Stickles swirl on the butterfly card:
I added little teardrops wherever the stamped flourish showed one, for a little more interest.  And I didn't let that purple background go to waste... I used the same techniques as I used for the butterfly to add some glitter to the moon and ice for this skating couple from Rogue Redhead Designs.
Easy, quick, and inexpensive!  I hope you'll give it a try as an alternative way to get some bling on!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Still Time to Join in GCAE#6

Worried that you don't have time to join in our 6th Art Exchange at Gingersnap Creations? There's still lots of time! You have until April 1st to sign-up!

This art exchange is shaping up to be one of our largest on both sides of the Atlantic with lots of players but we would love to see even more!

This exchange has a fabulous theme - hearts - and a fun medium - coasters!

Stamp Credits: Oxford Impressions, Stampington

Coaster / Beer Mat - standard sizes are 4"x4" squares and circles and 3.5"x4.5" ovals; comparably sized die cut chipboard base
Image to include: Hearts (the Valentine kind not the pulsing beating medical kind please)
Style: Any but should include some stamping
Number of Pieces: 4 unique for 4 unique
Sign-Ups/Withdrawals: by April 1, 2011
Due Date: April 15, 2011

All the exchange details are on the Gingersnap Creations Yahoo Group.

Stamp credit: Invoke Arts

In order to participate in the exchange, you will need to become a member of the Yahoo Group, so that we can maintain proper communication. The membership process, including a short questionnaire, is quick and easy.

We hope you join in!

All artwork in this post by Sharon Briss.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jules Eickmeier: Leafing and Foils

Want to add some pizazz and glam to a project? Leafing and foils can kick the project up more than just a notch. These are two of my favorite techniques for cards and tags.

Supply List

Duo Embellishing Adhesive by USArtquest
be. foil glue from Creative Imaginations
multi colored or gold leafing by Mona Lisa or Sepp Leaf Products
be foils from Creative Imaginations or 7 Gypsy
transparencies from office store
Hot Foil Pen from Staedtler

LEAFING can add such a touch of elegance to any project. I stamp images on the smooth side of transparencies that I get at an office supply store. On the reverse side, I paint on Duo adhesive where I want the leafing to show. I allow the adhesive to 'dry' clear. It will be tacky at this point.

Using tweezers, I place pieces of the leafing on top of the tacky adhesive and pat them into place. Once all the adhesive is covered, I put a piece of resist paper or waxed paper over the entire project, and go over the paper with a brayer to adhere the leafing. Then, I remove the release paper and gently brush off the excess leafing. With a soft "scrubber", go over the leafing gently in a circular manner and brush off any further extra leafing.

A word of caution: do not use leafing under a fan! Been there, done that, bye bye leafing!

Turn the stamped item over and use it on your card or project.

FOILS are an easy way to add glam to any project. There are two fool proof ways to use foils. The first way is to use Creative Imaginations foil kits. The be foil glue is a lot like Duo. The glue is applied to where the foil is to go and the glue is allowed to dry. Then sheets of foil are placed over the glued surface, adhered with a brayer or a bone folder and the excess removed.

The second method for applying foils is equally as easy. This method uses a stencil. Place the stencil over the sheet of foil with the color side up always with foils. Using the Hot Foil Pen, trace over the foil, making sure the light is red on the pen. Cover the entire surface of the stencil outline and VOILA! pretty foils.

Hoping you will try either or both of these lovely techniques on your next project.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fond Farewell to Hels

Hels Sheridan is one of the original Gingers, starting with us back in August of 2009, and most recently she served as a Contributing Artist. Her ability to layer and add dimension is unparalleled! She is also a Diva of Distress Inks with a passion for all things Tim. Her amazing art is overshadowed, however, by her sparkling and vibrant personality! Hels is an incredible woman who just adores fun and friends.

While Hels has had a lot of fun with us here on Gingersnap Creations, she has a lot of other fabulous things on the go and must say adieu to us! Hels has designed her own line of stamps, available through The Artistic Stamper, where she is a design team member. She runs the Sunday Stampers Challenge which is great fun on her own blog, Ink on My Fingers. Finally, she has been doing some amazing in person workshops - check out her blog for more info.

Here are some of the amazing things that Hels shared with us on Gingersnap Creations!

We are, of course, saddened that Hels has to leave us, but we are overjoyed that her art is still going to be accessible and visible all over the blogosphere! Have a ton of fun, Hels!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wrap-Up - GC88: Coffee and Cream

It seems this simple but warm color scheme really brewed up some fabulous art! Thanks to all who submitted! Your art was wonderful and it was more than difficult to choose. For this one, I would have to say there are 10 Ginger Gems and 49 Honorable Mentions!

The randomly drawn Home Page Artist this week is

Julie Forest

Jul's Art Niche

Congratulations, Julie! Your artwork will be showcased on the Home Page of the Gingersnap Creations Yahoo Group as well as on the sidebar on the blog.

Now onto our fabulous Ginger Gems. When each challenge closes, we also pick 10 Ginger Gems - fabulous creations that we feel really exemplify that challenge's objective. The Ginger Gems appear in a slide show in the blog sidebar for the entire week, as well as in this wrap-up post, and their creators have the honor of displaying this Ginger Gems blog badge.

For more information about Ginger Gems and entering our challenges, please visit the FAQ page.

The Cream of the Ginger Gem Crop

Artwork by Kathleen F

Artwork by Brenda Brown

Artwork by Viv

Artwork by Toni

Artwork by Chris Slater

Artwork by Sandi

Artwork by Jennie A

Artwork by Anke

Artwork by Esther

Artwork by Silvia/Barnie

Special Guests

Artwork by Lynn Stevens
Former Ginger

Artwork by Terry
Visiting Artist December 2010

Congratulations to all our Ginger Gems this week! We hope you take a minute to stop by their blogs.

Come by tomorrow for a new Color Challenge.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sharon Briss: Glittery Gel Medium

Today, I wanted to show you an easy way to add a little sparkle to your mixed media pieces with glitter and some heavy gel medium.

You'll need:
Heavy and regular gel medium
Variety of paints
Foam brushes
Canvas or suitable surface
Stamps and collage images
Variety of inks
White tissue paper
Foam roller brush

I started my project by painting a base coat of Pearl White Lumiere paint onto my 6x6 canvas.

I used a dry-brush method to add a slight golden hue to this base with Lumiere Brass . To create a dry brush effect, simply put very little paint on your brush and apply very little pressure to the brush while applying the paint to your surface.

I finished by using the thin edge of my foam brush to add thicker lines of brass to my canvas.

While the canvas was drying, I stamped some text (Stampington and Company) and a bustier image (Hampton Art Stamps) onto a piece of tissue cut slightly larger than the canvas. I used Wild Honey Distress Ink to create this layer as it worked with the hues in my selected collage image as well as those already laid down on the canvas.

Brush a thin layer of regular gel medium onto the canvas surface, lay the tissue on top and brush (very lightly so as not to tear the tissue) more gel medium on top.

I then added the collage image the same way - gel medium layer, collage image, more gel medium on top.

I stamped two sentiments (River City Rubberworks) onto tissue and added them in same manner. I use a foam roller to brayer out any small bubbles and even out the gel medium on each layer.

Now, for the sparkle! I put some heavy gel medium on a paper plate and blended it with blue glitter (Ranger) and some Pearl Turquoise Lumiere paint.

I brushed this mixture onto one edge of the canvas, covering the edge of the collage image, and then added a small area to the opposite side to create some visual balance.

I pressed bubble wrap into the heavy gel medium mixture to give it some texture.

This is what it looked like after the bubble wrap:

To finish, I repeatedly pressed my sentiment stamp, Passion (Impression Obsession), into the mixture.

Note: be sure to rinse off any stamps you use with gel mediums right after using so no residue dries on your stamps.

I set my project aside to dry, but I still had some paint and gel medium mixture left... what to do? Well, what I always do! I keep working on projects until I use up any paint and gel medium I took out of their respective containers. I had a wooden frame lying around so I decided it needed a make-over.

I started by painting it as I had the canvas, with a base of white, brass and a touch of turquoise. I mixed in some gold glitter (Stamplicity) into my heavy gel medium mix.

I applied this mix heavily to the four corners of the frame.

I then used a stiff piece of cardstock to drag the heavy gel medium mix in a zigzag pattern along all the edges of the frame.

This provided a nice texture as well as revealing pieces of the white and gold frame below.

Before the heavy gel medium set, I sprinkled pearls all over the piece and then pushed in some white buttons.

To add more shine, I added (believe it or not) some more gold paint in some of the flat portions of the frame with my fingertip. Yes, Sharon actually got messy. Strange but true!

I really liked the resulting frame, but had to make a centerpiece for it as it had no stamping! Ack! or collage! Further Ack! So I added some with a rose from Stampington, the passion sentiment from Impression Obsession and Je t'aime from Penny Black with a sweet collage girl from PaperWhimsey:

Here's the finished result:

I hope you have fun mixing in some fun into your gel mediums!

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