Monday, May 2, 2011

Travel the World Bookmarks - A New Art Exchange

It's time for a new Art Exchange at Gingersnap Creations! Our exchange is open to all our Yahoo Group members!

Artwork by Laura Liddell

In honor of National Book Month, our format for this exchange will be Bookmarks! As books take us on wonderful journeys to exotic locales, your theme will be "Travel the World". Take us to your favorite place with your art!

Artwork by Laura Liddell

Media: bookmark - any size or format as long as it includes some stamping
Theme: Geographical places like cities, regions or countries
Style: Any but must include some stamping
Number of Pieces: 4 unique for 4 unique
Sign-Ups/Withdrawals: by June 1, 2011
Due Date: June 15, 2011

All the exchange details are on the Gingersnap Creations Yahoo Group.

Artwork by Laura Liddell

In order to participate in the exchange, you will need to become a member of the Yahoo Group, so that we can maintain proper communication. The membership process, including a short questionnaire, is quick and easy. Once you've requested membership, be sure to look for your questionnaire in your email and return it to us ASAP so that we can process your request!

Sign up today! We can't wait to be transported by your fabulous art!


  1. Great idea, looking forward to joining this swap!

  2. Beautiful bookmarks Laura. Annette x

  3. I'm going to join in! A quick question-by 4 unique" do you mean simply 4 handmade ones or 4 totally different (design wise) ones? Thanks!

  4. Just to clarify, we do mean 4 unique (as in not the same design) bookmarks. They can be variations on a theme, but they should all be distinctive.

  5. Sign me up for the bookmarks. Do you have a special size that you prefer? This looks like fun.

    I received my wonderful coasters. That was fun also.

  6. As a new memeber I am looking forward to taking part in all the exchanges.

  7. I applied to join the group May 2nd, but I'm still waiting for approval...any word on my application? Thanks.

  8. To Katreader:

    We are still waiting for your questionnaire to be returned. We will send out another. Please return so that we may enable your membership.

  9. I'm sorry, I haven't received a questionnaire. I went back and checked all of todays e-mails again, including junk and trash and don't see anything. Sigh. I have other yahoo groups, so I'm not sure what the problem is. Hopefully, I'm not doing something stupid-but I can't think what. I doublechecked the e-mail address...


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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