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July Muse Showcase: Valerie Brincheck

We are delighted to welcome Valerie Brincheck as our July Muse! We've showcased her wonderful steampunk art in this interview but Valerie is accomplished in many different areas of mixed media and papercrafting and we are excited that she is sharing her art with us!

She has been stamping for over 10 years, although as Valerie says, she has been an artist since she could hold a crayon. She has been published in Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers and Scrapbook Etc. as well as being the co-author of 2 books, Punch Artistry and Designing with Kinetics. Some of her steampunk jewelry will be featured in the upcoming October issue of Jewelry Affaire.

Now that you know a little about Valerie, we'll let her tell you more about herself.

I used to be a freelance designer a number of years ago and I did work for Fiskars for about two and a half years. A lot of my designs still grace the packaging of some of their products. I also designed samples for their line of vellum paper, did a number of displays for WalMart end caps, and designed samples used for two sessions of HSN. While working for them I also had one of my scrapbook pages on the cover of the first Scrapbooks Etc. when it debuted in Winter of 2000 as well as several projects inside.

After Fiskars, I was hired as the lead designer of a local scrapbooking company called Kinetic Scrapbooking and worked with them for 5 years. While there, I designed all the samples that appeared on the packaging, on the website, and in all of the magazine ads. I also designed all the class projects that were taught at conventions and stores. Two of my page designs appeared on 2 episodes of Sandy Genovese's show on HGTV called DIY Scrapbooking and also one page design appeared on the Carol Duvall show.

After Kinetics went out of business, I had my own storefront and website that I taught punchart on and and sold the packets for the classes as well as the leftover product from Kinetics. When punchart became less popular I shut down that site and joined an ATC group on Yahoo. I then decided to start my own ATC group and blog shortly after that.

I have always loved paper from when I was a scrapbooker and I have drawers upon drawers of every color and pattern. I don't even really remember how I got into making ATC's and ultimately getting into paper collage. I think one day someone had just mentioned they liked to do ATC's and I was curious as to what they were. I had never heard of them so I Googled ATC's and was off to find a Yahoo group to join. I ended up on two ATC groups and a paper doll art group for a couple of years before I started my own ATC group and art blog.

I resisted buying any stamps for a long time simply because I didn't have room to store them in my workshop but I eventually realized the potential of having ready made images available to use again and again and I was hooked. I now have hundreds of stamps lining one wall of my shop and dozens upon dozens of clear ones in drawers. I LOVE heat embossing and have dozens of different colors of embossing powder that I use all the time.

My favorite medium I guess would be Distress Ink Pads. I constantly use them on most any project I am working on. I also love Sophisticated Finishes paint by Triangle Coatings. It's the kind that has metal particles in it and when you apply the patina solution it will either rust or turn a green/blue color like the real metal. I basically like to distress and age anything I can get my hands on.

We can't wait to see what Valerie will share with us this month. To see more of her fabulous art, you can visit her blog The Sum of All Crafts.

All artwork in this post by Valerie Brincheck.


  1. Very impressive! Love your art and looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Thank you Valerie is a new to me designer it is such a delight to see her fantastic work and learn a little about her. XOXO Zoe

  3. For those of you who do not know Val personally,let me just tell you that she is just phenomenal! As you can see from these pictures,she is just incredibly talented,endlessly inventive,and has a very fine eye for small details. Some of her artwork really is mind boggling!You could not possibly have chosen a more inspiring Muse!

  4. Not only is Valerie an amazing artist and designer, she is also a great yahoogroup leader. I've done several swaps with her where I'm inspired to create beyond what I thought I could do.
    Virginia B.

  5. Oh wow how thrilling to have the Queen of Steampunk with us at Gingersnap. Her work is totally amazing and a very generous lady, always sharing.

  6. WOW... So much inspiration in one post. Really looking forward to see more of Valerie's work.!!

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  8. ...and this is just her steampunk stuff! You should see her art dolls!

  9. Wonderful work, Valerie and congrats on being the muse! Off to see your blog!

  10. As the proud owner of that last work of Valerie's steampunk art (the letter "R") I couldn't pass up the chance to comment. Val's work is STELLAR!!! Every piece, every detail. She is talented beyond her years and I am one of the lucky ones to say she is a personal friend. You could not have selected a better MUSE and the great thing is she is talented in ALL areas of art! You name it she has done it or will find out about it and DO IT! All this steampunk work is beautifully and intricately detailed as is everything she does. Very inspirational work, Val!


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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